What name do you prefer, Bully Ray or Bubba Dudley?

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  1. Bully Ray

  2. Bubba Dudley

  1. I was discussing this before with Adam568 and I want to know what you guys think.

    His actual name is Bully Ray, but was it better Bubba Dudley?
  2. I don't think Bully Ray is his actual name :dawg:
  3. I know it's not his real name, but it's his current wrestler's name.
  4. Who calls a kid Bully?
  5. A stupid mother?
  6. I went with Bully Ray. :obama: To me it just sounds better than Bubba Dudley. Plus I'm from the south; we have enough "Bubba"s.
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  7. I think this is what deth meant.
  8. Bully>Bubba right now!
  9. I remember when I first heard about Bully Ray choosing that name a few years ago I stopped watching TNA seriously hahahah. I thought "What a stupid name, Bully Ray". But I think it suits him very well now and I never really got into Bubba Dudley as I have Bully Ray. So I'm going with Bully. I think he's really at the peak of his career now.
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  10. I think so either.
  11. Bully Ray I guess.
  12. Bully is better than Bubba, especially for his current position in the company.
  13. Bully for me... anyone who 'pis**es on the big orange T' at the University of Tennessee ol grassy field gets a tip of the cap from me
  14. Bubba Ray Dudley
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  15. Both are bad names but his current gimmick fits better with the Bully Ray moniker so I guess I'll go with Bully Ray.

    ...In before they change his name to Biker Ray...
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  16. I suppose Bully Ray fits his current role the best considering he a "bully" and Aces and Eights is technically one big group of bullies. It's not the best name I've ever heard but it serves its purpose.
  17. lol he makes it work so well. Bully makes Bully great. He could be Eugene for all i care, calfzilla is dope.

  18. I don't care enough either way. It's just a name after all lol, I was just making a connection as to why it could be his name.
  19. each one has a gimmick