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    *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to a huge pop*​
    Well, it's great to be back! As you already know, I haven't appeared on IWT television for the last couple of weeks. That is because some stupid ticket agent at the airport screwed up and gave me a one way ticket to Las Vegas when I asked for a return ticket and of course, when I went to buy a ticket home - the flight was fully booked. I ended up having to wait another week for a flight I could actually buy a ticket on and I actually had to experience economy class for the first time in my life. That was a terrible experience because everyone I sat next to were all scruffy, stunk of shit and were really rude. After that, I thought about why I like people and I came to a conclusion that I don't. I am not a people person, I don't care about others and you all can just screw yourselves.​
    *Everyone starts to boo*​
    Just shut up. I was never happy, I just thought I was but I wasn't. Remember that match I won a couple of weeks ago? I won that match because I am full of skill. You lot did nothing for me, in fact, you all nearly cost me my match. I thanked you because I thought you helped but you didn't. All you did is chant my name, something you should be doing right now because I am the best. You remember the times I told everyone to stop being arrogant? I was playing mind games. I made them deliberately stop believing in themselves. Quite clever if you think about it. Well, you can't think because none of you in here have functioning brains.​
    Now before you all start rudely interrupting me with disrespect, I would like to introduce to you, my new theme tune which will be replacing my crappy happy current theme which doesn't even express how I feel.​
    *Crowd start booing*​
    I personally love that theme and I am sure you will start to love it as well. Now that is over and done with, I am going to beat everyone who thinks they can take me on in a match and i'm going to make my way to the very top of this company, beat up the IWT champion and claim what is rightfully mine. There is nobody and I mean nobody who can get in my way. If anyone thinks they can, I suggest you come out now and say it to my face while you have the opportunity to even walk on your two legs.​

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