What Pokemon Are you?

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    And then post your results!

    Mine :


    "You're Mewtwo! You're introspective, deeply intellectual and have a curiosity for knowledge. When there's a trivia game involved, all your friends want to be on your team."
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    That's me, a heart of goal.
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  3. lol MTV.
    I am also Mewtwo.
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    You're Meowth! You're super smart and known as the sarcastic one of your friends. You tend to think you're an evil genius, even though you're far from it. Still - quirks and all, you're pretty darn lovable.
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  5. Got meowth too :meh:
  6. :trollpoke:
  7. [​IMG]

    edit: btw they were spot on with the caption.
    You're extremely loyal and care very deeply about your friends. You might not have a huge group of friends, but you give 100% to your awesome little crew. You're bright, helpful and ~ light up ~ any room you walk into (get it? Electricity).
  8. Mewtwo as well
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