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  1. Trevor Raynor comes from the curtain hopping on a Pogo stick wearing a red dress and a helmet. He hops all the way to the ring and then hops up onto the apron and over the ropes and into the ring. He throws the pogo stick out of the ring and throws his helmet into the crowd. The music fades out as Raynor is handed a microphone...

    What in the actual fuck? Seriously, how did I lose. No matter what I do, no matter what new ideas and innovations I come up with, I can't win when it matters. I tried to get creative and do new things, I had a bad ass entrance and I said pretty much everything I could about Lee and It was entertaining enough for some of you? I didn't use enough of my potential? What? What more did you want me to do? I just can't believe it. I could tell you all that I'm going to keep trying and that at least I went for it but, I've said all that already. That's why I Pogo'd down to the ring tonight and that's why I'm wearing this red dress because, It doesn't matter what I do. I could put all my effort into how I present myself to all of you but, It just doesn't matter.

    So in a last ditch effort I'm going to challenge @Hollywood Jwab for the X-Divison Title. If you want an easy title defense Jwab, I'd suggest you take me up on the offer. There's no way I'm beating Jwab, just no fucking way. I'm going to wait in this ring until I get answer from Jwab. I'll wait all damn night. But, I doubt he'll turn me down.

    Trevor Raynor puts his microphone up the crotch of his dress and then leans against the turnbuckles and awaits the arrival of Jwab.

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