What the hell happened to this?

Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by seabs, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. This section is dead, what's happening with it?
  2. Sheldor ran it and he disappeared around Christmas.
  3. Anti Santa?
  4. Yeah, maybe Anti Santa
  5. he closed asteroid, took all us off skype, and dipped.
  6. bummer you just noticed, it's been the reason we had the other booker deal.

    Help us get it back and running?
  7. Is that true?
  8. Apparently he messaged Stopspot to ask if we miss him.
  9. I hope he told him we do.
  10. I do miss him actually.
    Get him back here Stop.
  11. So what did you tell him when he asked, you beg for him to come back like the battered wifey you are?
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