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  1. The title basically says it all.. ISIS is becoming a threat.. well at least in the eyes of a lot of our citizens over here in the United States.. IMO it's really just a nuisance. The threat is there it's just not as big as some are making it seem.. but the pressure has seem to come on with all of these televised beheadings and such taking place..

    It leaves the question.. What does the world do about this group? Can it be controlled, contained or perhaps eliminated?
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    I'm surprised the US hasn't acted as much as other countries tbh. Unless I've been ignoring the news outlets and haven't read about it.
    Pretty sure Canada and Jordan have done something so far. One would assume the US would go bomb them by now.
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  3. I imagine we want to do something about it but I think with them being so spread out and not in one place it's hard to pin point where exactly to hit them at.. The build just keeps growing and growing with each execution that takes place and video that gets sent to us.. when the US reacts it will be one with force I can say that much for sure.
  4. The US need to do something about it, even if it means killing 'em all.

    If this ISIS situation doesn't get resolved now, it's gonna become a thing again later on, their religion is violent and they're always gonna be waging wars.
  5. By killing them all, do you mean the entire area?
  6. Well, if possible. But I don't think that'd be too smart, it'd enrage them even more.
  7. Enraging them isn't the issue with that. Maybe the face that millions of innocents would be killed is more of the issue.
  8. I've always like read reports that ISIS always accidentally gave out there hiding location. One would think, lets fucking kill them.
    Anyone have an idea of how many people are in ISIS? WTF is ISIS's goal even?
  9. That's true.

    But the ISIS clearly don't give a crap about the innoncents they'd killed, so...
  10. So we should do the same and be considered terrorists as well?
  11. What? Are you saying that them killing innocents makes it fine for us to kill millions? And possibly lead to more due to wars that could come up with a nuking/bombing of that area.
  12. Well, that's the issue.
  13. That's the issue here. Who the hell knows what their goal is.

    In situations like these, you aren't smart enough to decide what's the right thing to do.
  14. I'd say handle it under wraps. Play the part that we don't care and have spies trying to get their locations. Take them out quietly once we have a confirmed locations for them.

    Of course this is just a fools idea of mine I suppose.
  15. If it could be as easy as that.
  16. You do realize they have killed more of their own people than people from other countries, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    That's why severe action hasn't been taken yet I think.
  17. But I am smart enough to know that your plan is ignorant and would lead to unnecessary casualties.
  18. I admit, that was an ignorant thing to say, guess I was a bit too annoyed when I wrote it. Their actions are just despicable.

    But how do you get out of this peacefully?

    Bombing the innoncents is definitely not an option, we've established that. So, how do you control/contain/eliminate the ones that are actually guilty for this mess?
  19. The US has received intel on ISIS locations before and never pulled the trigger.. eventually they will get another piece of intel that will hopefully identify/locate a nice sized cell of ISIS members and then we can act off that.. I think they're on the fringe of wanting to get involved.. they're sick of seeing these murders broadcasted to the general public.

    Hopefully soon something will be done to resolve this issue, and I'm going to say that peace isn't going to be a factor.. except maybe to innocents not associated with the group
  20. You don't get out of this peacefully. lol
    Apparently we're going to have to wait until ISIS makes their next step which is stupid as fuck. They either have to make a mistake or kill someone else until a country finally takes action.
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