What was the worst year in WWE history?

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  1. the edge has to go to 1999, but my view may be biased since Owen Hart was my favorite after Brian Pillman (R.I.P) but what about 2000, the worst year in professional wrestling, WresleMania 2000 only had 1 singles match, Undertaker got into a face biker gimmick (los respect then) Vincy turned face just to turn heel again, WCW...No need to talk about WCW 2000 also known as The Ugly-Step Child of Vince Russo's twisted mind.
  2. 2000 was such a good year for WWF, in my opinion. 2000 and 2001 get alot of hate sometimes, but the roster was incredible and gave us tons of great matches.
  3. 2002 had on of the most star-studded and awesome rosters ever, great year. 2003 WWE lost a lot of good guys but got Goldberg, 2004 no star power, 2005 dead drained, 06 was another story
  4. TBH I thought 2011 was a bad year.
  5. pretty good year, best in the PG Era.
  6. 1999 might have had a lot of trash, but it was still entertaining television overall and that's all that matters to me. IMO, the worst year in history is 1995, easily. Anyone who thinks otherwise, please go and watch 1995 from beginning to end and tell me your opinion is still the same. And if you wanna bring objectivity into it, '95 was also the worst year financially for the WWF as well. I'll sum it up:

    1. Diesel was turned from an edgy, bad ass powerhouse character into a typical vanilla baby face with no edge to him whatsoever.
    2. The main event scene was dry as hell. When your main event is so lacking in star power that you have to rely on the likes of Tatanka, Mabel, Sid Vicious and Bam Bam Bigelow (the latter of who was a good talent, but main event level at that time?) to headline, you know you've got a shitty roster on your hands.
    3. Bret Hart, who had just had a great run as world champion a year before (as well as being involved in one of the all-time great feuds imo with his brother Owen Hart) was now suddenly feuding with a pirate who stole his jacket and a non-English speaking Japanese guy with a bunch of writing all over his body. Um... what?
    4. Waylon Mercy debuts as a pretty interesting character who stood out for being just different from all those around him, but he ends up being wasted.
    5. Just all kinds of bad angles and matches all across the roster. Just a severe lack of star power all around this year. (Mabel was KOTR that year... enough said.)
  7. Also, don't forget WrestleMania 11.

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  8. lol Yeah. Probably not the worst, but definitely up there.
  9. WrestleMania 2000 was the worst, 1 horrid singles match, and just as stupid main event

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  10. Wrestlemania 9 was the worst to me. Not a good match on the whole card, only a couple of decent ones in Michaels vs Tatanka and the Steiners vs Headshrinkers. The ending with Hogan winning the title in seconds annoys a lot of people to this day, but I personally had no problem with it since it was one of the few (yes, literally only a few) good moments of the show. The fact that they used Randy Savage as a commentator instead of in an in-ring capacity when the latter would have improved the show at least in some way is laughable.
  11. Yeah, let's just say when ever WWE doesn't have competition it's for the worst! Lol

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