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    Dat Kid is shown sitting in front of a camera crew as he looks down, the Los Angeles skyline towers in the background.

    Cut to 2012: Dat Kid is waiting for Baraa to get up in the corner when he runs at him with a big boot. Baraa ducks the boot and hits his finisher while Kid is caught on the ropes. Kid is down for the 3 count.

    Cut to after the match: Baraa getting his hand raised, holding the European Championship, while Dat Kid heads to the back.

    Commentator 2: Dat Kid just doesn't know when to quit. 3 times in a row this man has faced Baraa and 3 times he's lost!

    Cut back to present: Kid remains seated in front of the camera crew.

    What will I do?

    Cut to early 2013: Aids hits the brainbuster on Dat Kid and pins him for the win.

    Commentator 2: Not a surprise here folks, Dat Kid has just lost his #1 Contender spot to Aids Johnson and will no longer be headlining Wrestlemania.

    Cut back to present: Kid looks directly into the camera

    Will I make more mistakes?

    Cut to Payback 2013: Victoria Parker celebrates in the ring with Jonathan as they hold up the IWT Championship title.

    Commentator 2: I knew it! Didn't I tell you! Dat Kid is not championship material. He lost the title in a month, to a woman!

    Cut to present: Dat Kid stands in front of replicas of titles he's won as well as pictures of people he's managed.

    Will I repeat history?

    Cut to Summer 2013: News articles flash on the screen with the titles reading "Dat Kid quits IWT" with photos of Dat Kid avoiding cameras.

    Cut to a few days ago: Dat Kid sits on top of the general manager's desk, holding Trip's nameplate.

    Will I tell you that I've done this before?

    Cut to September 2013: Dat Kid stands in a suit during an FSW match that barely has a crowd.

    Cut to present: Dat Kid continues to look at the camera.

    Will I pack up my bags?

    Cut to July 2013: Dat Kid breaks his cane across Victoria Parker's head and low blows Suicide after Suicide loses his match. The crowd throws garbage into the ring.

    Cut to present: Dat Kid stands in the middle of the ring

    What will I do?

    Cut to a few months ago: Dat Kid beats Britanica with a kendo stick as while she's tied up to the ropes. Officials try to back Kid away.

    Cut to present: As Dat Kid sits in front of the camera Britanica walks over and puts her hand on his shoulder.

    Will I test how much millions can hate one man?

    Cut to Uprising before Elimination Chamber 2013: Dat Kid spray paints "Death to False Gods" on Unknown as he is crucified in between the ring ropes. Some fans turn away.

    Cut to present: Dat Kid hits a running big boot on a wrestler

    Will I tell you I'm a title hog, a main event moocher, a backstabber?

    Cut to a few weeks back: Dat Kid pins Roadster for his #1 Contender's spot and laughs as Roadster walks solemnly to the back.

    Cut to present: Dat Kid stands in the entrance way of Money in the Bank

    What will I do?

    A transparent image of Dat Kid holding the IWT Championship is on his left and one of him holding the World Heavyweight Championship on his right.

    The vignette fades out

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