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  1. I think people forgot that IWT was always about, "THE PEOPLE".
    You people create your own character and decide in which route you would like to go through. And people seem to forget that. People always complain about inactivity but that's what you get when you don't PM us. If you want a title shot or to be a huge star, share your ideas with us.

    Personally PM either:
    @CM Punk

    Now this in a way might seem similar to Jonathan's "Less PPV's, More Quality" thread, but what would you guys like?
    His idea is to have less shows I presume and more quality matches.

    The TNA Method.
    (It isn't working too well Jonathan.)
    But is everyone alright with that? Would you like to do matches:
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Jonathan's Idea
    • Post your own idea
    For example:

    Survivor Series has just ended and our next show takes place on Dec 16th - 22nd.

    That's a three week gap between now and that time period and inactivity is bound to happen.

    What do you want to do in those three weeks?

    A) Build Up Matches (Promos)
    B) Have matches weekly to keep activity up

    This is getting all too confusing for me, so members of IWT, share your ideas.
  2. Bi-weekly. Could have a show for Dec 1-6, then a week of downtime before the next one.

    There's only so much you can do during free time as far as building rivalries, if anything having an additional show between PPVs helps rivalries.
    We used to have 1 show a month and the whole reason we put in Uprising in the 1st place was to increase activity. Doing 1 show a month would be a step backwards imo. It'll be more work no doubt, but it'll make this section as enjoyable as it's always been
  3. The thing is, you can have a month gap between shows as long as people post feud-building promos and have some matches during that time. But ironically, when they don't, they're also the same people that say the section is inactive.
  4. I'm alright with removing some PPV's, but we should also create our own. 3 weeks time is sort of ridiculous.
  5. Also

    The TNA Method.
    (It isn't working too well Jonathan.)

    What does that mean? :lol1:
  6. TNA is doing it and it isn't doing too well. Not that we have any correlation with TNA, just wanted to throw that out.
  7. I agree with that, which is why I think rather than leaving it up to the people, we should continue to do it bi-weekly
  8. Really, how?

    Like, I don't get it. I can guarantee that after a month or so if we have shows every 2 weeks people wouldn't be enjoying their matches as much, putting as much effort in and some would probably not turn up. Surely having more time to build slowly without having to rush everything in the space of 3 days is much better?
  9. We don't do it bi-weekly as it is. Haven't had an uprising for a while.
  10. Ah, I see. TNA is failing at it because they suck though.
  11. The last Uprising was cancelled. We've just been doing PPV's currently I believe.
  12. That's cause Aids promotes the shit out of IWT. He PM's WrestlingForum users to read his promos.
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  13. Yeah, I know and that was only because NOC and the PPV before it was so close together. There's no way we would have been able to do that. But I think our most successful period was when we were doing bi-weekly uprisings, allowing a free week in between to let participants mold their storylines
  14. I dunno, for me, having one week build just doesn't seem enough. Like, you don't have to reply to peoples promos as soon as you see them. You can wait a day or two to extend the time a bit if you need to, if you think 2-3 weeks between is too much for the storyline.
  15. That's just cause he wants the votes. Not cause he wants to promote IWT.
  16. One show at the beginning of the month and one PPV at the end?
  17. But if you think about it, that's still 2 shows per month cause each show lasts a week.
  18. We can have 6 ppvs. One each other month. Let's say we have a PPV in December, we have an uprising in January. Then we can just keep going on and on with the same routine.
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  19. Essentially what I proposed, just leading up to the bigger events we had a bit of a bigger gap (mania, summerslam etc.)
  20. I don't think the TNA way would be that bad. We could have the big four ppvs, an uprising and a monthly special.
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