What wrestler do you always make a CAW of?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. What wrestler do you always make a CAW of in every new game you get? I personally always make The Hurricane and Too Cool. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  2. haha! they are awesome!! :gusta:
  3. I'm not clever or artistic enough to make CAW's unless I have a guide telling me how to make a set person.
  4. They were some of my fav wrestlers at the time and still up there for all time. I almost freaked out when Rikishi was in the ring and the lights went out because for a minute I thought maybe Too Cool would be in the ring with him. Sadly, they were not. BUT I liked that his sons were in the ring with him and it was almost as good. :emoji_slight_smile:


    That's okay. I just mean what superstar could do you need to make sure you have in your game you know?
  5. Honestly? I have no idea :haha:, I can't even remember who was in the WWE 12 roster tbh.
  6. Haha. Yeah it can be tough to remember at times XD Hurricane was actually in '12 but not as a wrestler just as someone from backstage (i think? unless that was '11). Either way, I still made a CAW for him so I could have him wrestle.
  7. Steen, Generico, The Briscoes, A Double, Classic Punk. These are the kind of guys I downloaded off community creations, too lazy / idiotic to make them myself. I like to be able to adjust the movesets however, I care more about that then how they look lol.
  8. Yeah, that annoys me too. Sometimes ill download a superstar (when the server actually is up..) and they look PERFECT but the person did nothing with their moveset and im like :dafuq:
  9. Always made Jeff Hardy in every game.. But now we have Community Creations..
  10. Which console dude?
  11. 360.
  12. Good lad, either PM your ID or just add me, just take the _ out of my name.
  13. Not even got live anymore :haha:
  14. GAY!!!! Get back on it, I want to kick some ones arse on WWE :haha:
  15. I think that everybody would of made at least 1 Jeff Hardy with the amount of Jeff Hardy parts they have in there.

    Besides that I've made Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Matt Hardy every year since SVR2010. I've got around 30 CAWS on WWE 12, 1/4 downloaded, 3/4 made myself...
  16. yeah i always made kurt angle
  17. SLATER1990 XBOX LIVE ill kick some ones ass!
  18. I never do, I'm a big fan of realism. I like to pretend it's actual WWE. Yeah, I'm sad I know. Just like on Fifa career mode I never transfer any players that aren't playing for the team I'm using in real life. Realism ftw, that's probably why I hate all WWE games since 2010 or something.
  19. Same here, but I couldn't let Y2J and Hardy out of WWE '12..
  20. I always create X-Pac, and Jeff Hardy. :-)