Whatchu talkin' 'bout Tyrone?

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  1. -The crowd is dead quiet, bored out of their mind waiting for something entertaining to happen. White pyro and white lights begin to flash through the arena as the following song hits.-

    -The crowd begins to boo loudly as the song plays throughout the arena as two african american police help a handcuffed man to the ring, he has a hood over his head, looking down at the ground. They slowly make their way to the ring. The crowd is extremely offended and upset at the actions taking place. They all 3 step into the ring. As the african american police officers begin to stand back away from the man in the hood. He breaks through the handcuffs and headbutts one of the policemen and then as the other RUNS at the hooded man is bent down, he jumps on the back of the hooded man, but the hooded man drops him off and CHOKE SLAMS him to the outside. The crowd roaring with boos. We see a glimpse of camera angles with black families extremely offended, the man grabs a microphone from the outside, the man he grabs it from happens to be hispanic, making it even more awkward, he begins to scream in a southern accent, loudly and proudly.-

    Man: LISTEN UP!! My name is Billy Bob Whitey Jr!! I'm hurr to spread the cheer of being WHITE. Y'all wanted a white christmas? Why not have a white year? EVERY YEAR?

    The crowd boos him extremely loud.

    He does the Hitler salute and screams even louder.


    The crowd finally calms down after they get tired of arguing with him.

    Billy Bob: I am hurr to improve 'da IWT promotion and eliminates all abominations that call themselves people. I'm talkin' errybody who aint white. ERRYBODY WHO CAN'T EXPRESS THEIR FREEDOM BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANY. This country was built on WHITE Power and it shall stay that way for the greater gud!! I got a problem with a certain group of people around hurr, but not the group itself, a man in the group called.. 'the cure' .. I got a PROBLEM with a certain 'coon named DAVID.. Listen here boy, i'll hang you right where you stand, and where you stand wit' me, is a piece of porch dirt! I am a REAL 'MERICAN ALL 'MERICAN-'MERICAN!! Take the purple drank outta yo ears, Trayvon. I'm here to SAVE YOU. I'M HERE TO SEND YOU BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG..

    The crowd boos loudly, but as it clears up for him to speak, he screams.


    He stands still and salutes again and screams even louder "WHITE POWER!" as he waits for a response.
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  2. *Reagan is watching backstage*
    Cole: great....now we have a racist person here...
  3. *Farooq calls Public Enemy to plan out an attack on this guy backstage*
  4. OOC: So many black jokes in IWT it's getting so old hahah. BUT YOOO RORAY. I'd love to see you actually participate in IWT as a solid character.
  5. Chris Kaizer: Am I the only one who was expecting him to call out Tyrone Martin?
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  6. Black Jesus vs Billy Bob. Book it Gabe.
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  7. OOC: Shut up, damn. No one asked you if it was "old." .. die.
  8. OOC: Do you know who I am? All I'm sayin is it's super over used hahah.
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  9. OOC: Of course I know who you are. I know you a lot more than anyone else here does.
  10. OOC: I was... I was quoting Bully Ray hahahah. And I was talking about IWT standards as well. I'm just sayin you should actually stick in IWT.
  11. -Billy Bob Whitey Jr. just stands there and realizes that they are just going to stand back and not do anything.-


    The hispanic man waves Billy Bob over and whispers in his ear.

    Billy Bob looks shocked and then egotistically laughs.

    Billy Bob: Y'all think I'm sum racist heelbilly? I AINT RACIST.. I GOT BLACK PEOPLE IN MY FAMILY TREE AND 'DEY STILL UP 'DUR!!
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  12. *Alias Antonio is seen practically pissing himself*

    Alias: Laughing my fucking ass out, this guy is amazing.
  13. *Cole facepalms*
    Cole: i got it wrong......we have a Racist person who thinks he's not Racist....brillant...