TLC WhatCultureWWE does TLC!?

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  1. I'm sure a lot of people here already watch this, but I love this channel and the theories/storylines they come up with. I agree with Adam and not Odam (Just what we call him here) and say Wyatts win, Charlotte turns, New day Retains, and Sheamuswiiiiinslolfellabrobuddyguy.

    What say you? Check out the video and comment on why you agree/disagree.
  2. First off, I love WhatCulture.

    I'm gonna agree with everything Blampied said. I see things goin' down exactly that way.

    Pacitti's predictions are actually interesting and I like 'em, as well, but they're really bold and WWE ain't gonna do it.
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  3. Whatculture is my jam. These 2 need to be put on commentary or something for WWE
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  4. Better yet, they need to be put in charge of WWE Creative!
  5. Yeah I hear their ideas and i'm like... HIRE THEM WWE
  6. These guys rock, long time WC watcher.
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  7. I'm loving this drinking game! Who's doing it?
  8. I am... with milk :tough:
  9. I can't cuz I'm not watching lol, unless someone in the chat posts when to drink i'll do it.... with coffee XD (I Don't drink either)
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  10. Nice brah, keep it straight edge brah.

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