Storyline What's A Ring?

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  1. "The lights are reflecting on the white walls, Everything looks so clean... Where am i? I don't even know. Hell, I don't even know how i got here... Everything seemed "Blurry.". I do feel comfortable though."
    Aiden Ryan slowly sits up and looks around, he moves his fringe out of his eyes and notices that he is laying on a bed. A door slowly creaks open as someone walks in wearing a white coat. Clearly this has to be someone who works in a medical field.
    "Mr Ryan? Ah, you're finally awake. That was quite some bump you took at that pay per view, Luckily for you it's going to be an easy process to heal up and you'll be able to return in the ring in no time."
    Aiden raises his face up slowly and looks directly into the doctor's eyes, he laughs slightly and hops off the bed slowly.
    "I don't think i heard you correctly? Like a boxing ring?"
    Aiden Ask's whilst the doctor looks at Aiden with a concerned look appearing on his face.
    "So you're a boxer?"
    Aiden laughs again and shakes his head slightly.
    "Ha, You tell me"
    The Doctor nods slowly.
    "Do you know where you are?"
    The Doctor then pulls over his chair to which he sits and looks up at Aiden. He reaches out and grabs a notepad from his desk.
    "A Hospital."
    "And do you know why you are here?"
    "I fell...?"
    "How about you answer without hesitation. Why do you think you are here?"
    "I truthfully don't know, but damn my head is sore."
    The Doctor slowly stands up from his chair and heads over to his desk. He raises his finger up as a (One Minute) signal and heads out of the room.​