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I watched with glee, while your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made.
It is a friend of mine
(Who is it?)
To me I'm bothered
(Who is it?)
Somebody hurt my soul
(Who is it?)
I can't take it 'cause I'm lonely
Niggas firing up weed when they came to my burial
Bitches cried as they put me in the ground
But sometimes I think it was meant for me to lay it down
I will say that regardless of whether I had difference of opinion or had problems with people here, I've tried to be positive and not tried to create an unhealthy enviroment. Ya'll are cool, not incel, brony, neckbearded fatsos. :bayley:
Trainer Beavie
Trainer Beavie
Killing two birds with one stone, or feeding two birds with one scone.
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Red Rain
Red Rain
Especially once you learn to insult in a subtle way. Leave people wondering whether you actually did or not. I'm probably too straight forward for all that. As you said before, college encourages you to analyze then re-analyze and still make it logically sound
Just Kevin
Just Kevin
Love you, Beavie!

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