What's Next for Axel?

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  1. Not sure if the Raw section is the right place for this but whatever. Anyways, he lost the IC title to Big E last night. I doubt that he will feud with him or win it back, so what's next for him? They built this guy up as "The Next Paul Heyman GUy" when he first came and was pretty hot at that time. Now him doing nothing with the belt has sort of died the buzz down with the guy, so where does he go from here?
  2. Maybe give him time away to re write his gimmick. Personally I'd say let him play perfect 2.0 I'm sure it'd go over
  3. The Hoff was surprised they had Axel drop the title. Hopefully he will get his rematch at SS, lose, then fade away for a bit, to repackage him or something. Hoff did mark out for Big E winning the title. Man that place popped for his win.
  4. I think they're going to re-think his character. Maybe get it away from Perfect a bit and go a bit closer to what he was on NXT, or what they wanted him to be. Make him cut promos in the aggressive tone he used to, that would work better.
  5. I guess they might repackaged him. I really liked when Axel was the New Paul Heyman Guy. Now, WWE makes him job and lose the title. Wonder what they will do with him.
  6. Well they better repackage him good because as of right now my response is "Who cares?"
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  7. Last night was probably his best match to date, due to the fact that he dropped the title to Big E. :jericho:
  8. He loses his rematch (if he gets one at SS) sunday/monday, and then jobbing for the midcard.
  9. With his luck,he'll be pulled off of the main stage for a second time,and, put back in developmental for a bit while WWE decides what they want to do with him.
  10. Not a fan of Axel, but The Hoff does think they should have a rematch. Maybe it could be the opening match. He wasn't all that interesting with Heyman on his side..but...he is just going to be dreadful all on his own. He seems as the kind of person who should have a mouthpiece. Dunno, sucks for the guy. Hoff feels for ya, brother. :hogan:
  11. Put him in a tag team. Axel is a really good worker but he needs someone that adds the personality to the mix and makes you able to care about him by proxy. A tag team would solve that.
  12. Put him and Ryback in a tag team. Two birds and all that.
  13. Add Curtis Axel to PTP as the awkward white boy of the group.
  14. Best case scenario, in my opinion, is for him to get released by WWE. He was totally screwed over in developmental, and has no hope of ever getting over with the fans.
    What he needs to do is go to TNA, and completely re-invent himself. Without any ties to the WWE. Otherwise, I think there is no chance the fans will ever take him seriously.
    The biggest mistake the WWE ever made was to name him Michael McGillicutty. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF WRESTLING NAME IS THAT??? That is the kind of name you give to a local yahoo jobber that is set up to get destroyed in a squash match. Not a guy you have ANY PLANS going forward with in regards to a career.
  15. Probably a face turn.
  16. reverse 2cool?
  17. The unemployment line thats whats next for Axel he should of been in that line years ago even Heyman cant get him over as hes ditched him
  18. Axel as a heel is unbearable enough, but, him as a face? I reallllly don't see that one working. Give him a gimmick like his dad had
  19. Send him down to NXT and Repackage him then bring him up when He's got his 'Perfect' Gimmick.
    Wait, So the Guy who held a Title more times then Ryback hasn't been over during his reign? What are you smoking..... He was over for the first few weeks then his part was done in the Punk vs Heyman feud and that's about it....
    Axel spent more days as a Heyman guy then Ryback did.....
  20. He can kick rocks for all the hoff cares

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