Storyline Whats Next For Gav the Chav ?

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  1. * iwt interviewer Fungi is waiting to backstage with gav the chav to ask him a few questions*

    Fungi: so gav you promised all these people you were guuna win the royal rumble how does it feel to let them down like you did?

    (Gav the chav) here shut the fuck up you cheeky **** gav feels like complete shit right now he let himself down he let the fans down and gav doesn't need cheeky little ****s like you giving me grief and making me feel shittier than i already do

    Fungi : Orite mate calm down so what went wrong on the night?

    (Gav the chav ) I'll tell you what happened you see there was certain people who i thought i could count on when i needed them at the royal rumble i learnt who my true friends are and anyone who i thought was my friend can go fuck right off

    Fungi : so who are these people who can as you say fuck right off?

    (Gav the chav ) well for starters b.dazzle can fuck off he's fucking shite now getting himself eliminated as early as he did if he was still in we could have dazzled the audience together m George can fuck right off too the cheeky **** but he isn't the one i have a problem with its his little mate aids Johnson i have a problem with

    Fungi : why whats your problem with aids i thought you were both best buddies?

    (Gav the chav ) so did i especially when he came out in the rumble and aligned himself with George his little fake friend you know what right I've been there for aids when he was at his lowest point nobody else was not even his little cure buddies or eric draven they were all long gone enjoying there own little success but gav stuck by him even when nobody else did and you know what right when he came out during the rumble i thought he'd of stuck by me i thought we'd of been a team but no he saw his old buddies and was like fuck you gav i don't need you so you can fuck right off go back to your local bar and drink yourself senseless like the drunken bum you truly are then take that empty beer bottle an shove it up your arse along with our friendship because me and you are through

    Fungi: ok gav thanks for your time
  2. OOC: Fungi is an announcer now eh?
  3. Yes i gotta find a new use for him
  4. OOC: FTW 4 u?
  5. Lol it took me a while to realise what you meant
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