What's next for me.

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  1. *Rodrigo comes out from the crowd, there's no theme, he has his hood on and he's holding mic*

    Here I'm once again. In the middle of this ring. With no gold but with one more loss.
    But stats are just numbers. What really matters is how I was beat. No doubt. I wasn't ready. I should have waited but the opportunity I had was to good to let it go. Huge mistake.
    But this is not the end. Whether is you like it or not, you haven't heard the last of the Spaniard.
    Wanna thank that small amount of the crowd that cheers for me. They are the ones who give me the strength to be here, in front of.you. Right now.
    I understand I have no rights to claim a shot at any title. It was pretty stupid to give away the US title. Becomes it belongs to the same place as I actually belong to. The midcard.
    But I will someday be ready. Until then, I will show you why by beating any opponent who come here.
    First night. First opponent
    Whos ready back there?
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  2. *Adam's theme hits and he walks out from the fan entrance, The spotlight goes on him and he walks through the crowd holding the title above his head, He jumps the barricade and climbs in the ring holding title, He is handed a mic*​
    Well first welcome back and second my deepest sorrow for you're lose, Not like you should have won but you lost and I know how that feels so y- Oh wait I dont! I never lose, Im undefeated and you know it, In case you dont know im the new midcard ruler so go back home asshole.​
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  3. And that's pretty impressive considering you beat the girl who later in the show humiliated me once again.
    Adam, I've had some heat with you for the last week. You claim you haven't lost yet. Im .not surprised because you're a coward. Being achampion is not holding a belt. Is how you hold.it and the prestige you give it. Remember you share that belt with your partner. Don't let your ego close your eyes.
    Im shocked and glad at the same time. I have the opportunity to show you how things are done here. And how is to taste a loss. Bitter, but you learn more from losses than from victories.
    My way to the main scene has began
  4. Bring it on then! Me Vs You today! Tonight I will show you and everyone why im the best wrestler on the roster and none of you can compare to what I can do in that ring, So bring your A game!
  5. Jonathan set it up. 24 hrs 2 promos
  6. *Jacob comes out with Adam*

    You once had your opportunity but you preferred a bitch as Vicky and look what she is now. She's the same thing you are, nothing but a pathetic and mediocre wrestler. You decided to give away your titles and drop me out. You come here like if you made the biggest mistake in your career when before you came out here and said that the midcard is worthless. Welcome back where you belong to! You could have this gold with me but you don't because you knew Vicky was better than me, but she isn't. Look at me. Me and Adam, we have the gold and you wish to have this. You couldn't before because you dropped me out, you can't now because you're not worthy of our time. And I don't care if this people want to see you fighting us, they're just like you, worthless