Whats up guys!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Ango32, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. What's going on everyone! My name is Anthony, you can call me Ango32!

    I used to be a huge wrestling fan during the Attitude Era, and i just got back into it.

    I make WWE Gaming related videos on YouTube, and I'm partnered! If you guys wanna check out my stuff my channel is http://www.youtube.com/project9gaming

    Favorite Wrestler today is Damien Sandow.

  2. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here a lot. Sandow's one of my favorites as well, good in the ring, and plays his gimmick perfectly, a boss.
  3. Hey man, welcome to the site :). Sandow is a boss. I just checked out your YT channel and you got some cool videos there. Your voice is already pretty cool, without sounding homo (probably scared you off now).

    How long ago did you get back into watching WWE?

    Btw, I'm not a Sheamus fan at all, I lost a bet and that's why my sig, avatar, user title and name is what it is -.-. :((
  4. :yes: welcome anthony!!! Sandow IS AWESOME :sandow:
  5. Hello, and welcome to WWEforums, Happy to have you on board. :otunga:

  6. just admit it crayo... you want sheamus's great white :gusta: :fap:
  7. Stop lying you Sheamus mark.
  8. Welcome to the forums young fellow, Damien is a truly extraordinary wrestler indeed, such unique and powerful skill he posses. I hope you do enjoy your time here, and please, don't let the great white admins put fear in you, they are like 4 year old children with ice cream.
  9. Sheamus'

    Enjoy the forum! :otunga:
  11. Sup Ango, glad to have you aboard man. It's a great forum that you'll certainly enjoy the time you spend on it.
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums! :**
  13. Welcome to the forum, Ango! I'll have to check your videos out when I get the chance. Hope you'll enjoy your time here and be an active member!
  14. Welcome, ANGO! I'm asskicker! I'm usually active but I have school but feel welcomed to ask me any questions!
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