What's with the minivan hate?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by gzilla46, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Dodge Caravan

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  3. Honda Odyssey

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  1. Hello. You know, I have to talk about something. I have seen this all over car websites, saying how people hate on minivans. It's just pathetic. Why would you hate on minivans? They're luxurious (most of them). Take a look at a fully-loaded Honda Odyssey.
    This thing has a fancy interior with lots of gadgets and gizmos. It even has a DVD player built into the 2nd row area.

    Though I personally like a Dodge Caravan best. My mom used to have one, and it feels nostalgic to me.

    Back to the hate on them. Why do people hate on them? They're luxurious and keep you comfortable and entertained on long trips. But people hate on them because they're not "cool" or "stylish" or "sporty", and things like that. Here's what I say to that. I DON'T GIVE A F***!

    Who cares if they are stylish or not. All I care about is if it works and the features it comes with.

    Why do people hate on minivans? It does not make sense.
  2. Vans ftw!
  3. a college kid driving a minivan. :hmm:.. no thanks. :eww:
  4. I don't hate minivans, but I don't see why someone would have one unless they travel with more then 5 people often. Sure minivans are luxurious, but some smaller cars can be too. Mini vans use more gas then small cars, so if you don't have 5+ people then it'll be cheaper just to get a smaller car. For a car, gadgets and gizmos aren't my thing, I just want it to transport me, have cool air(or hot for the Winter), and the radio. DVD players and all that other stuff I don't need.
  5. [​IMG]

    I have no idea why you'd get one unless you need to transport a lot of people.
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  6. As long as it has windows and Hoss is nowhere near it, no problem.
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  7. Vans are dope for moms but I wouldn't be driving one.
  8. lol idgaf about vans XD
  9. I like vans. They're cooler to drive. :boss:
  10. Sorry but I'm Australian, I can only drive Utes and Jeeps :dawg:
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  11. I have a minivan.... The caravan 2012 version

    Great vehicle....

  12. That's great. I love the Caravan.
  13. He's also like 50 years old though
  14. Not that old yet.... But my kids are still young enought that the built in tv and DVD player keeps em quiet in long trips

  15. I was just messing with you, what are you, 35? And yea, like I said if you have kids there's no shame in the van. This thread just seems misplaced since most of us here have no kids and are 15-23 years old
  16. I've driven both regular cars, sports cars and minivans. In all honesty I prefer a regular car to either, sports cars are the most fun to drive but they don't serve the transport me and my friends objective that well since sports cars more often then not are two seaters. Minivans are not as fast as a regular car and can handle quite weird compared to a regular (gearbox, turning and reversing). I'll stick with a regular car until I have enough kids for a minivan (and I am only aiming to spawn 2 hellspawn with my seed anyway)
  17. Who else is of the few that does not hate minivans?
  18. i have no opinions about motor vehicles :lol1:
  19. OK then.
  20. To get some of my threads up and running again, what is your favorite minivan, if any?

    Mine is Dodge Caravan.
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