What's your favourite moment of WF so far?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Was just thinking about how Leojay won a bet against Xanth and I, and we had to change our names to The Great White Crayo (Xanth for Xanth obv). Was a pretty funny moment on the site due to our reactions in the LD thread. So it got me thinking about good legendary moments of WWE Forums, so what has yours been?

    Regardless of whether you're new or old, it doesn't matter, what's been your best moment(s) so far? You can list more than one. I think one of my favourites is Dolph's feud with Gohan in the very early stages (when Gohan was called Randy Savage), and when Dolph threatened to kick Gohan's brother's ass.
  2. Dolph's vs Gohan back in 2012 was really fun. I'm still waiting for Dolph's vs Jeff Savage.
    Hoss vs Gohan also brought some fun moments.
    I think I only managed to catch the endgame of the original seabs vs Jeebak feud but that old thread with their spat was lol.
  3. Damn the JeebaK/Seabs stuff was awesome in the early stages. It changed from Seabs trolling the fuck out of him to flaming the fuck out of him in seconds, and every time it just made Seabs look god-like. JeebaK simply couldn't hang.
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  4. Gohan's "heel turns" were also kinda fun. Mainly because of the entire site no selling them.
  5. When Alkaline changed his usertitle just now

    Seriously I can't really choose one. Seabs vs JeebaK was legendary, but...

    Eh. /leavesthreadIdontbelongin
  6. Me making a "drunk" thread and also the days between Ryan and I.

    I loved The Great WHite Crayo days too! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. :hmm: Don't really have a favorite time here.
  8. Joinin up an being welcomed with open arms after lurking for a few months.

    Anytime anyone posts drunk myself included.
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  9. You're from Feb 2012, damn, you're an old member. You definitely belong here. You were here just 3 months after the site was made.
  10. Crayo getting drunk was fun though
  11. Drunk Crayo's drunk girlfriend was also fun.
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  12. Well making so little of an impact that you forget that I'm such an old member proves my point entirely. :pipebomb:
  13. I knew you were old!!! I just didn't think you were on so soon. I thought you were April-ish. Remember, those early months had influxes of new members (was easy to double your userbase as we had few members). Where did I recruit you from then, or was it Google?
  14. Me joining? Idk,I'm still so new.:((
  15. Gohan live streaming his promos are probably my favorite moments.
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  16. Was commenting on a Youtube video, checked my email and saw a YT message from one of Hoss's 135,258 accounts. It was a bunch of assorted letters and numbers, so when clicking the link it showed in the referral box this "Big Hoss Rambler" guy. Thought "dafuq is this guy? It was that one Youtube account, *starts typing in numbers* ahh fuck it just leave it blank", hastily throws together a username figuring I'd forget this place exists in 2 days before realizing that intelligent people actually exist in the world/on here.

    There were like 7 members, Crayo, Xanth, Hoss, Seabs, RKO, Jonathan, this guy named Dolph's who signed up right before me... Yeah, those were the days... The days when everything was wonderful, except for Jonathan. Then Albs and Stop and both Leos popped up, and we were all like :yay: New user... ya know, back when that was something to celebrate.

    :please: The memories... Now it's all a bunch of mammaries...
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  17. What a wonderful story. Hoss' YouTube spamming was incredible.
  18. RKO man thats going back. Is he still here? If so he's had that many name changes i dont even know it!