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    The crowd restlessly waits for the opening pyro to start on the 1st IWT show after mania

    Dat Kid walks out with a group of his newly regained followers and they line the ramp. Kid holds up the World Heavyweight Championship above his head. The crowd is outraged and throws trash at Kid. He ignores it as he walks up the steps to enter the ring.

    Kid stands in the center of the ring, turning to each side with the championship above his head so each section of the crowd can get a good look. Dat Kid puts the belt down and grabs the mic. "Asshole" chants break out. Kid can't even say a word because the chant is now deafening.

    Now normally this spot is reserved for the IWT Champion, but I beat Mr. Knight to the point, but let's not talk about him just yet, because right now it's all about me. It's always about me and I think the amount of times my name was mentioned is a direct representation of that.

    Last night, I did what I said what I was going to do. I walked out champ, dominated george, stole the show, and remained undefeated at wrestlemania. You know what's the funny part, you all hate me because of it. I beat supposed best competitor of all time and I left his carcass out to hang for flies. You all thought Geroge was coming back....nope.

    I have done the impossible, I have made the World Heavyweight Championship mean something again, sorry did I say again. For the 1st time EVER, this championship means something. In fact this championship now means more than any other title in this company, yeah I said it because the way I see it, this whole Bruce Knight nonsense will be dead in a month, along with that guy's career. Every second that man holds the title another person is cured of insomnia.

    We are in a new era and I know you can all taste it. However, don't be fooled, this isn't the era of Bruce Knight. This is the era that the World Heavyweight Championship has surpassed the IWT Championship. Welcome to the era of Dat Kid!
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  2. OOC: LOL its cute that you still think you stole the show :bodallas:
  3. OOC: Mark
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  4. Bruce Knight > Dat Kid
    IWT Championship > Wiener Head Championship
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  5. Wiener Head LMAO :win:
  6. Dat heat
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  7. *As Kid celebrates in the ring, all the lights suddenly go out in the arena, instigating a hige pop, especially from the smarks. Smoke begins to arise from the floor as The Order's theme song begins to play, and in the midst of it all, comes out "Doble A", Alias Antonio. Alias makes his way to the ring, not showing any emotions, just glaring straight at Dat Kid. He enters the ring and asks for a mic*

    Long time no see, eh? If I recall correctly, the last time we met, was at the Royal Rumble. The event where you backstabbed me, and the event, where I backstabbed you, if you can even call it that. You promised me certain things Kid, but when it came to actually executing those promises, you failed, you lied.......and it backfired on YOU Kid. Ever since that moment Kid, I've been yearning to get my hands on you, but unlike you sir, I actually kept my intentions quite. But it seemed that with you, ever since that moment, all that ever came out of your mouth was A-LI-AS. Hell, you even dedicated a whole day of "Kidmas" to me. P.S. Cheers bud.

    *An A-LI-AS! and "next world champ" chant breaks out in the arena*

    So from what I've gathered, you've really been wanting the opportunity of getting your hands on me. We both hate eachother with a roaring passion, so why don't we just beat the shit out of eachother right now!? I may not be feeling the best after my "failed" cash-in, which surely, with you, I won't hear the end of it. But boy, I can still fight, and boy, I KNOW that I can kick your ass right here......right now!

    *Alias drops the mic and squares off with Kid*
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  8. Dat Kid raises his hand in front of Alias.

    Hold on a second. You expect me to fight you after last night? Are you joking?

    You want to talk about failure, you embarrassed yourself by LOSING to Bruce Knight at Wrestlemania, after he had a match minutes before, cashing in your championship, in the main event. Do you realize that that moment will stick with you for the rest of your career?! I mean no one expected Knight to win, but there wasn't a soul in that arena that expected you to lose to him. You want to talk about failures? I'm looking at the biggest failure since Incognito.

    But maybe you're right. All my scheming and planning has all backfired on me.

    Dat Kid looks at the ground.

    Aw shucks, I'm just the World Heavyweight Champion, undefeated at Wrestlemania, and the greatest competitor of all time, but you're Alias Antonio. When I grow up, I want to be 2nd tier to George and be king of the rookies just like you.

    Dat Kid drags his feet and walks out of the ring, the crowd boos, Kid looks back up and grins.

    Truth is, I am the top dog of this company, what are you? Some guy who got lucky against Joey Bryant? One of those stragglers from The Cure? Jwab's water boy? Hell, you don't even have a rematch clause for that X-Division championship.

    Alias Antonio, you ain't shit.

    Dat Kid turns around and heads to the curtains
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  9. *Alias watches on as Kid walks to the back. He turns around and leans against the ropes, looking at the crowd, discontent with himself. He slicks his hair back and picks the mic back up, before looking at the entrance way again*

    This.....this is far from over Kid. You can talk and ramble on about my failure that will last till hell freezes over, you can embarass me with your witty comments till eternity. You can discourage me and demean me all you want.....but cannot kill me. Therefore I am challenging you to a match at Extreme Rules, show the world that you can beat this no good piece of shit "failure" that is Alias Antonio, I dare you to. Oh, put that petty title on the line too so I can have the responsibility of sending Artist back to the ratnest he came from.

    We'll see who the real failure is, cocksucker.

    *Alias leaves the ring and heads backstage*
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  10. I'm tired of that lame ass son of a bitch Dat Kid shitting on Bruce Knight.
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  11. Hey you ain't even supposed to be here!
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  13. Artist walks down the ramp swiftly and grabs a mic

    Whoa, whoa whoa. Alias i know after being beat by Knight you obviously aren't all their in the head. Because if i remember beat 2 jobbers but lost a match that why do YOU deserve a shot at Kid's gold? Sure you've wanna a whole lot of matches but if you don't win a relevant match at the ONLY relevant show in IWT don't bother challenging for a title until you prove yourself...AGAIN. I know i lost a lot of matches sure, but i won at Mania...Dat Kid chose me i didn't have to go around and basically beg for a title match with every world title holder. You lose to Knight and you come running down to get another World Title match? Calm your horses, take a deep breath and prove yourself AGAIN.

    If Dat Kid gives you a shot, my career won't be on the line just so you know...
  14. *Alias watches backstage*

    Fuck's this dude saying now lmao? Nigga can't even speak properly.
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  15. OOC: Was in a rush and fixed the words i know i screwed up. Damn my hands as they type.
  16. OOC: I always laugh at The Artist's promo. Makes no sense.
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  17. Makes no sense? Okay being on mobile causes a lot of mistakes but the objective in the promo is pretty clear. It's stated in the last line of the full promo. If you don't know what it's talking about is sad. Just another person who likes shitting on people.
  18. I'm not shitting or hating, bro. Just find it funny plus THG's response.
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  19. THG is referring to the fact that my IPhone spell checked "won a" to "wanna" making it look retarded.