When do you turn HHH into corporate heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 28, 2013.

  1. It's inevitable that one day HHH is going to turn corporate heel owner of the company, but when should that be? I can picture him playing it pretty well and taking Vince's early role, and it opens so many opportunities. However, when he turns, it has to be special. Should it be in the near future? Like a year after he has completely retired from in-ring competition? Or should it be a surprise down the road in say 3-5 years time (or more)?
  2. The sooner the better. Evil bosses >> good guy bosses. Heel HHH >> Face HHH. I mean, if somebody has to be buried in WWE it may as well be the faces for once.
  3. When he takes over the company. From the first minute. Saying he was tired of McMahon or something and screwing cena
  4. As soon as possible, I really want a heel boss!
  5. A short time after he retires sounds about right.
  6. The very moment he takes over from Vince.
  7. this. That first episode of Raw he sets a new standard.

  8. I just hope that when he takes over he doesn't shove the WWE App in our face every five minutes.
  9. i dont give a single fuck about that. I expect to see a better product, more deserving champions, and better angles. DB and DZ have a lot to gain from HHH taking over. I know a lot of people will disagree, but DZ is HBK 2013 and DB is Chris Benoit style, i'm just hoping they are moved in the right direction.

  10. The same for Cody Rhodes,he's a legend in the making.
  11. I think Vince will still be in charge for years yet. I would have HHH as a heel gm of raw though, he gets some tv time but hopefully wrestles less.
  12. I bet HHH takes it over in the next 2 wms max.
  13. I think it'd be cool. Hopefully once he fully takes over from Vince.
  14. I would've already turned him heel long ago. Like almost immediately when he was thrusted into the COO position.
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  15. He should probably turn at a Wrestlemania.
  16. The moment WWE has a star that can work off of it. One of the reasons the McMahon heel character worked was because he had such a good counterpoint in Austin. Who wasn't afraid to stick it to the McMahon character and stand up for himself and in spirit for every blue collar worker.