When has rumoured politicking been good for business?

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  1. Yeah we all hate people who've manipulated their way into keeping titles and whatever but surely some time it must have been a good business call. The one that always springs to my mind is HHH refusing to drop the title to Bob Van Dam in 2003, RVD as he showed years later couldn't be trusted with the comapnies biggest title. I understand all these answers will involve dirtsheet speculation but let's have some fun with it anyway.
  2. I think Hogan's case might be the best. People say back in the day that he just held so many down and supposedly buried careers, but no one's ever come up with a good example of how or why it was so bad if he (supposedly) did. He was the mega star then, the hottest guy in the wrestling world ever, and whenever they did put the title on other people (Savage, Warrior), numbers dropped significantly and went back up pretty much the same rate when the belt switched back to Hogan (in Savage's case, business increased when he became heel.) So, if Hogan ever did hold any others down, I'd say it was pretty justified, as no one was bringing in the numbers like he was.

    I also don't blame Austin for refusing to work with Midcarders-For-Life like Billy Gunn and Jeff Jarrett in 1999 .
  3. What about Bret/HBK wanting to out-politic each other leading to the Screwjob? I think we can all agree that as fans the Screwjob is one of the more fascinating events in wrestling history, and also helped lead to the Mr. McMahon character and in some ways laid the groundwork for the AE.
  4. Nash has to be one of, if not the worst. Constantly posturing and putting himself in booking positions.
  5. In 93 too? I'm not trying to make a counterpoint, just really asking, from what I understand in 93 Hogan was terribly stale and the way he won the belt at WM just makes me laugh, did business pick up then as well?
  6. Not really, but that was a case of Vince not being impressed with any of the other guys that he was putting the belt on, and so he went back to Hogan, to see if he could draw one last time. He couldn't, because he was stale, and because the steroid and sex scandals hurt the good guy image of both Hogan and the WWF, and so Hogan left, agreeing to drop the belt to Yokozuna on the way out. (Bret still believes to this day that Hogan politicked his way out of dropping the title to him at Summerslam 1993, but that's another story.)
  7. Oh, I see. Because that WM main event reaaally felt stupid and felt like Hogan was hogging the spotlight, you know. But I suppose things ended up alright.
  8. That was the outdoor Mania, right? So awful. Everything about it.
  9. Yep it was outdoor, seemed a nice day for it I suppose.
  10. Wrestlemania 9. The worst one of the bunch, topped perhaps only by Wrestlemania 12.
  11. 9 Was the worst. I think I might make a tribute thread it was so laughably bad.
  12. It is the 20th year anniversary, after all.
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    Now I must.