When I will be on.

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  1. :win::yes:I have to leave for awhile as I share a computer with 2 other people because my laptop took a crap a few months back and until I can either save up to get another or get it fixed-I'm sharing a computer and so I have to leave for awhile.
    I will be on during the day like I am now-up til now,then I have a few errands I have to run and I also have a doctor appointment as not too long ago I did a very stupid thing-I was helping my stepdad carry his motorcycle from the front yard to the garage and in process-I tore my rotator cuff-it was already sprained from a prior accident and I didn't realize how much I could or could not lift and figuring Punk and Cena could lift heavy things-so I just assumed I could too if they could and I lifted it and tore my rotator cuff and dropped my dad's bike where I had been lifting it and damaged it a little.
    I will be on later tonight-much later and I will also be on tomorrow-but I have a doctor appointment as they are trying to decide for surgery how they are going to go in and all that medical junk-I'm scheduled for surgery October 4th. So, I have to get off-but hope to talk to you guys later-WAIT FOR ME-lol.
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  2. No don't go :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Wrong section bud.
  4. Wrong section, but speak soon, Brother.
  5. Moved to the locker room.
  6. I understand :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: hope to see you soon!