When should Sandow get a championship reign?

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  1. Okay, sorry, an important championship reign. A WHC or a WWE title? The guy is fantastic in his current role and can get heat for fun. At the moment he seems in limbo though; what do you do with him? If there is no space for him in the main event, what should WWE do with him? He seems far too good to just do nothing and have meaningless matches losing all the time.

    What do you think?
  2. He is just another heel to job out to faces in WWE's eyes it seems. He is even pretty far down the pecking order of heels, so I don't expect anything big from him anytime soon. Rhodes Scholars was a well received team but even in the modern day tag division they never really got a push and mainly were jobbed out.

    Honestly as far as mid card heels who deserve a push I wouldn't have him near the top. Barrett, Rhodes, Ziggler (a real push dammit) and now Bray + Axel after their NXT call ups.
  3. Rhodes ahead of Sandow? I much prefer Sandow personally. I agree with the others though.

  4. I think Rhodes has been in a rut lately mostly due to things outside of his control. But I'll take Rhodes in 2010/early '11 over Sandow. But for the last 8-10 months he's been nothing but a mustache, so yea, he's dull as of late.
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  5. An awesome moustache, to be fair.
  6. Remember when Cody looked a lock for the 2011 Smackdown MITB? It's amazing how quickly the mighty have fallen, I don't see Sandow ever getting a reign sadly it seems they have other pet projects currently and he'd need to evolve his character further to really become main event calibre and I don't see him getting the time to do that either.
  7. As soon as the pet projects and other guys higher up on the pecking order have had their run. That's the only reasonable answer I can give. There are some talent above of him right now more deserving of belts and there will be guys coming in from NXT who are either groomed as pet projects or will take off with a belt via hijacking. I cannot give an honest time frame for when I think Damian will get his run with a belt.
  8. I'd like to have Rhodes as champion before Sandow as Dolph, WWE currently have no space for him in the main event because guys like Ryback or del Rio are taking it, but I'd like to have a Cena/Sandow match for the WWE title instead of Cena/Ryback to be honest.
  9. Yeah, as Stop said, whenever there's space available. But in the mean time I really dislike seeing him get jobbed out weekly.
  10. After db, punk, ryback, ziggler, orton, sheamus, rhodes.
  11. Now. Sandow is one of my favorites in the company right now.
  12. have Miz win the IC belt and then have Sandow defeat Miz for the IC belt.
  13. The more time goes on, the more I think he isn't ever going to get a huge push. IC/US champ at best.
  14. He is way down the line. Way, down, the line. Dude could be great, but he gets stale really quickly....id say 2015? maybe?
  15. Ryback? :awyeah:
  16. I don't make the rules.
  17. I don't really picture him as WWE Champion or probably even World Heavyweight Champion. He seems like a good fit for the mid card - just stick a partner with him (such as Rhodes Scholars at the moment) or as a singles guy, make him the Intercontinental or United States Champion. There's nothing wrong with being an under card guy, not everyone has to be main event to show they have some worth. I personally think he's too talented in the ring and as a character for him to NEVER get gold of any kind (though it's happened before - Rick Martel did great with the arrogant Model gimmick back in the day and received no gold for it, and Roddy Piper is a legend and the only title he held was the IC belt for two days) but I can see why he wouldn't be seen as a top hand.
  18. Still don't have much faith in WWE booking a mid-card heel as IC Champion though. The guy's too entertaining to stay so irrelevant though.

    Maybe he'll be one of those guys who gets main-events every now and then to further title reigns.
  19. Bu-but Ryback Rulez :happy: