Storyline When the going gets tough

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  1. *We see AK sitting in a locker room backstage. He's dressed in a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans and in one of his hands he's holding a beer. He takes a swig of the beer as the camera man walks in and closes up on him.*

    AK: What? Are you gonna try to catch me down on my luck after that match with Aids? Trying to catch me bitching and moaning? Well tough luck with that, there's already enough bitchers and weiners around these parts.

    Me, heh, I'm split on the match. For one part I lost... again. But on the other hand, I did do what I said I would do, I left a scar. Sure I took a beating as well, I've got 9 staples in my head, my left index finger got dislocated and I have a bruise the size of Texas on my ribcage. But in return I'm pretty sure Aids is going to have problems using that left arm of his for a while. Not to mention I left a nice big, steel chair sized imprint in his face as I left the ring.I lost the match, but am I disappointed? yes and no. Aids is seemingly my white whale, the man I just cannot get my hands on. But I went to war, I fought a war, and then I fought a second one right after since it went into sudden death. I might not have ended that bastards career that night, but he knows not to underestimate the bandit anymore. And the next time I face Johnson, I'm not just going to leave a scar, I'm going to leave him in a body cast.

    But what's left for me now? I've had that question thrown at me from friends, family, other wrestlers and fans in the last few days. What is next for me now that I am out of the tournament? Now that that door is closed. Well its simple. I get back up, and I keep doing what I have always done, whipping ass! My dad used to tell me: when the going gets tough, dig a grave. Dig a grave so big it doesn't just fit you, but every other bastard you take down with you. That's what I am going to do. I'm gonna keep having matches, I'm going to keep being the hardest worker in between those ropes. I'm done following a bar, I'm gonna set the bar from now on. And then, when I earn myself a shot at the IWT title, I will take it. That's my plan.

    Now I ain't got no match on the next Uprising card, so I'm going to start from the bottom I guess. I welcome all comers. So whats next? I'm going to sit back down, I'm going to finish my beer. And then, I'm going to go get myself a match. That's whats next.

    My name is AK, I'm the bandit. And this, this is going to be highway robbery.

    *AK sits down and keeps drinking his beer by his lonesome.*
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  2. OOC: I like the details of the injuries. And the grave thing. Nice.