When Will "FTJ" Frank "The Jock" Return? Video

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 6, 2014.

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  2. Moved to locker room because yardtarding.
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  3. Shouldn't this be in the uh, Media section? :urm:
  4. 4:14 - FTJ will be coming followed by laughter in the background, perfectly timed
  5. Thought this was IWT related. #Dissapoint
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  6. lol backyard wrestling.
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  7. @Trip in the Head NO it has nothing to do with IWT! FTJ move then some one on IWT he a real backyard wrestler. like I said my "FTJ" gimmick is the only gimmick that REAL! Which is why I give piss off when u fuck me over IWT b/c I am big deal in backyard wrestling! AND WQILL BE WHEN I GET TO IDDYS!
  8. Sorry, I was not as familiar with the backyard wrestling FTJ, just the IWT one. Explains alot of those gifs and images people throw up (cashing in the lunchbox comes to mind). Good luck getting to the indies man.
  9. @Trip in the Head the matchesr are still up if you like to watch then? youtube channel is ebwwrestlingbackyard .
  10. Perhaps. TBH the only thing I know of backyard wrestling is this:
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  11. That was the shit back in the day.
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  12. Your hat is really dirty and gross looking.
  13. Damn it, I was expecting such a cool theme like this.

  14. "A Big Deal in Backyard Wrestling"

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  15. Gohan, we've spoken on this topic before. If you plan on hitting the indys and "making it big". Get trained. No respectable indy will take you unless you have at least 6 months of training and a written resume from your trainer.
  16. Implying he'd ever get even that far, he'd break with in 2 days of training at a decent school more than likely. Imagine the shit he'd get beaten out of him in his quest for respect.
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  17. "Respect me DJ Hyde you faggot!"
    *eats clotheslines for the rest of his life.*
  18. "Oh hell no asshole you do this wrong"
    *Gets stiffed to fuck by everyone in the school as they look to earn the respect of the coaches, punished with squats and press ups. Ends up rage quitting.*
    Jesus Regal needs a podcast, his stuff on the Austin show was fantastic. Squatting to Flair vs Steamboat must have been killer.
  19. That what inten to do dude. I been save money up. Got $609.00 save up just for getting proffeiol train for wrestling. Then will be going to the indy. But I can,t that said on video after I am "FTJ" after all!
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