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  1. *The crowd dishes out a big cheer in anticipation as Alias makes his way out on stage. He vehemently runs down to the ring, sporting a new tank top
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    , letting out a roar as he leans against the ropes. He quickly grabs a mic.*

    It feels like forever since I've walked out here, because I've missed this reaction, this atmosphere! IWT turned a new leaf and started off with a clean slate after Survivor Series thanks to Team FSW, and my goal was to not only become The Savior Of FSW, but also become The Savior Of IWT, as this tank top loudly states. And to be quite frank with you, I think I got off to a great start as I introduced the ever so eerie Rayn, and from then, one of the greatest segments in IWT this year was produced. Rayn debuted, LARIATO Lars debuted, but of course, Jwab backed down, sold out, and became the little bitch he was always known to be. But that's up to him, he'll get what's coming to him in due time. Keep an eye Jwab, you never know when I can be lurking for you.

    For now though, at the Anniversary show, it will be Rayn vs. LARIATO Lars vs. Lee for the X-Treme title, and you know what? Lee was always a better partner than Jwab so I guarantee this is going to steal the damn show!

    Talking about the Anniversary show though, the event that began my triumphant singles career this time last year last year. This event means a whole lot to me, so of course I want to play a big part in it. And that I will. I recently challenged good 'ol Midas to a Euro title match to see if he can put his "money" where his mouth is and hold his own against me. I pinned him at Survivor Series, but I still haven't heard back from him. Still recovering, huh?

    So for the time being I'm averting my attention to the man of the moment, Joey Bryant. It seems like this man has gone through hell and brimstone these past few months. Being cashed in on twice is no fun, that's for sure. But as they say, karma is a bitch, huh?

    There's one thing though.....there's one little thing that bugs little thing that bugs me beyond belief. He is still the IWT Champion.

    *Alias scratches his head and grits his teeth, trying to hide his anger*

    Joey pal, you do remember that challenge I issued right after I got screwed at Summerslam, you do remember that, right? IWT Title Hell In A Cell match, Royal Rumble? I'm sure you remember it as well as I do.

    So if I could attain your attention for a moment, I'd politely ask for you to come down here and answer that challenge. We have unfinished business, unsettled beef, Joey. This needs to end, sooner rather than later.

    *Alias awaits Joey Bryant*

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  3. *The crowd cheers loud as the theme of the IWT Champion plays throughout the arena. At 41 seconds of the song, he runs out onto the stage with a mic in his hand and the IWT Title slung around his shoulder. He pats on it while he stares down Alias before walking slowly down the ramp and rolling into the ring. He paces back and forth in front of Alias for the chorus of the song before his music fades and he raises his mic despite the crowds cheers at the confrontation between the two.*

    “Excuse me, but this is the first time I’ve stood face to face with you since Summerslam.”

    *He shakes his head in disappointment. He continues to stare him straight in the eyes for about 10 seconds.*

    “You’re not the same man you were at Summerslam. That’s clear to tell. And when I looked at you at Summerslam, you weren’t the same man I stood next to with the second generation. And when I looked at you when we were allies in the second generation, you weren’t the same man I got beat by before Wrestlemania 2. Simply put, the things you do, the people you beat, the words you spew, all of it means nothing because within a few months I’m going to be standing in the ring with a different Alias Antonio. Since I never got to officially thank you for that match at Summerslam, seems like a good time. Remember when you said Joey Bryant would always be Dat Kid’s bitch? Remember when you said Joey Bryant would never be IWT Champion again? Remember when you said you were going to BEAT me at Summerslam?”

    *Joey smirks at him before raising the IWT championship high in the air to loud cheers.*

    “You were wrong. You never admitted it, but you were wrong. And you’ve been wrong about a lot of things recently, but I’m just going to jump to the most relevant event, where you turned your back on your own company to try and prove some point.”

    *Joey looks around the arena for a second with a confused look on his face.*

    “Well? Did you change anything? Did ANYTHING here change since you and Team FSW laid out Team IWT? Trip’s not the GM, oh congratulations, what an accomplishment! You beat some of the best IWT has to offer, well congrats on that too, I do that every damn week and I don’t get second thoughts about this company even when I am defeated. Whatever you think you made better in this company by defeating it, it is the same as it was before that match because Joey Bryant is still your IWT Champion, just like you said.”

    *He smirks at him and pats the title again.*

    “Now our match at Summerslam, if you really think about why we were fighting in the first place, it was because of Dat Kid. It started all the way with the Church vs the Order at the Royal Rumble when we first locked eyes and knew we didn’t like each other and you didn’t like Dat Kid and eventually neither did I but we were still fighting. At Survivor Series, you shook hands with Dat Kid, something I haven’t done since the last time the Church stood strong. I’m not sure what was going through your mind at the time, but you shook the man’s hand who put you through hell over the summer only because you fought on “his side” for one night. That says something right there, it just shows how one week you’ll be this Alias Antonio that these people crave for and then the next you’ll be backstage shining Dat Kid’s boots. But if there’s one thing I can tell hasn’t changed just by looking at you, it’s the emotion that comes off you just from me opening my mouth. I can tell you have lost sleep over our match, you’ve skipped meals, you’ve trained at the gym a little more than you’re supposed to, all to hoping one day you’ll get your hands around Joey Bryant’s throat one more time.”

    *He shakes his head at Alias before walking a little closer to him and staring right at him.*

    “Well you got your damn Royal Rumble match, because I’ve felt the exact same fucking way!”

    *The crowd pops loud as Joey drops his mic and gets face to face with Antonio, the anger visibly obvious.*
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  4. *Alias stares right into Joey's eyes, but then backs off and smirks.*

    Oh Joey, Joey, Joey. I was afraid you weren't gona show up since lately, your schedule has been damn tight! But I'm glad you could find a time in your precious day to come visit your old pal, Alias Antonio ey?

    *Alias sarcastically pats Joey Bryant on the back.*

    You're right though Joey. I'm not the same man I was at Summerslam. I'm a changed man, and you know what? A changed man for the better. For the better of my future, for the better of IWT's future, but unfortunately, not for the better of yours because I've got an unproven point to prove DESPERATELY and no one is going to STOP me from proving that point. Proving that I can beat Joey Bryant again, proving that I CAN be IWT CHAMPION! Prove that every damn thing I do in and out of this company is meditated with great thought and awareness and mental dexterity and a WHOLE lot of LOGIC, that's right, LOGIC.

    But I admit, I was wrong back then, I got ahead of myself and took a STEP into the wrong direction which ultimately led to that clusterfuck at Summerslam which ended up with me getting screwed. But son, you're wrong for thinking you're the eternal and lasting IWT Champion, because unlike you, I've actually learnt from my mistakes and my wrongdoings, somethin you haven't seem to done. I mean, you got cashed in on, not only once, but TWICE. You lack a certain killer instinct Joey, something even I lacked for a while. But I've balanced everything out, I've done exactly everything my goal was set out to be, now I'm moving onto the final step. Joey Bryant vs. Alias Antonio - one last time. No Dat Kid bullshit, no Trip or Jono bullshit. Just a straight up war inside the HELL IN A CELL.

    We've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at eachother Joey, but now it's time that kitchen sink got put to good use.

    *Alias smirks and drops the mic, before staring intensely at Joey's eyes again. The crowd is split with the contrasting "LETS GO JOEY! ALIAS!" chants, but it doesn't faze either Alias or Joey as they remain put in their place, just staring at eachother.*
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