Where are all your champions?

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  1. *David walks out to the ring with his X-Division title and a smile on his face*​
    David: Ya see, after I just watched my brothers in the Cure dominate and humiliate 2 mediocre people in IWT. I got to thinking. I started asking my self questions, and one of those questions I asked myself was "where are all the "hero's" of IWT?" A few days ago I won my very first IWT championship, but trust me when I say it, if anyone had ever in their wildest imaginations would have thought I would be the victor of that X-Division title match, that idea would have been shut down immediately. I even remember during that match one of my competitors saying they were in the ring with 2 "legends" and me. And you see, I laughed at that. I laughed real hard because I am a visionary. I am the king of IWT and whatever I say will come to pass. There was no chance in hell for B.Dazzle to win. No chance in hell for Joey to win, and the person who I knew for a FACT would not win, was the same person who everyone would bet their life on to win. That was Farooq, the longest reigning IWT X-Division champion in history. But what Farooq should have known, was that all good things must come to an end, because his title reign came to a definite end. And I can promise you now, there is no chance in HELL Farooq will EVER win back that title again. Because I don't plan on losing it. There is no way I'm going to lose it, and all the people who spite me will live through a long reign of misery. Because that's what is going to keep fueling me to keep going. And no matter what Adam, Crayo, Dat Kid, Jonathon or anyone has to say about it. I am the greatest fucking thing that ever graced the X-Division title. And that's a fact! The fact of the matter is The Cure's taking over. We're taking all the IWT titles and we aren't going to lose them. We are going to save IWT and rid it of all the funguses, the cancers, the plagues roaming around in this company. And all I'm going to tell you is be ready. Because we're going to turn IWT upside down...​

  2. *Adam walks out on stage with a mic*​
    You think you really deserve that title? Seriously? That must be some kind of joke, A title you stole from Farooq, You dont deserve that title, You use The Cure to further your career and they interfered in your match and got you that title. Another thing you seem to forget is that I am the official No.1 Contender for your title and you believe you can win that match? You delusional son of a bitch. You will not be leaving Night Of Champions with that title. Believe me.​
    *Adam leaves*​
  3. *gav the chav walks in*

    (gav the chav) hahahahahaha what a bell end this guy is he thinks he's the king of iwt? Hahaha shut up you stupid prick just coz you won a title doesn't make you king lets see how long this title run lasts
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  4. OOC: Shit man, why'd you leave. Now I can't reply :p
  5. OOC: Thats the point haha, Keep it all till the match. No point wasting it here.