Where does Big Show go after his feud with ADR ends?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. He has been booked like a monster now for quite a while, where does he go after this feud? Is it going to be the typical "feud with a heel, then turn face down the line" crap that we come to expect with Big Show?
  2. Uh... retirement? Putting a young guy over? Floating around until he puts Ryback over at WM? Let's remember he'll probably be involved in the Chamber anyway.
  3. Retirement with any luck.
  4. Ryback I guess.
  5. He'll probably be in the world title picture until EC where Ryback eliminates Show or Vice-versa which Show will then put over Ryback at WM. After he's done feuding with Ryback, I have no idea what they'll do with him.
  6. Go back to doing what he does best... "HOLY COW WADE BARRETT WAS ABLE TO HIT WASTELAND ON THE GIANT!"

    Or Orton's 187th consecutive filler feud.
  7. Probably stay involved in the title scene until the chamber. Then Ryback if WWE wants to do that.
  8. how can the big fat show have feud???
  9. I'm assuming something happens where he turns face.
  10. Put a mask on him and turn him into the worlds largest luchador. OLE!
  11. Can't see how that wouldn't work. :hmm:
  12. To quote Homer J. Simpson on his job as a luchador in one episode: "Beware of Taco Belly!"
  13. I think WWE wants Ryback to have that moment when he lifts up Big Show, so I think he'll be feuding with Ryback somewhere in the future, maybe after ADR
  14. Big Show just needs to leave forever. They keep trying to push him and people continuously don't give a fuck. He's a boring, garbage wrestler and they can't do anything to make him interesting. I couldn't be happier when he dropped the belt to Del Rio.
  15. He'll go back to where he usually goes when he's finished with a big feud.

    John Cena.