Storyline Where is Master Wang?

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  1. *Mike and Dexx @DX2006 get back to the chabmer after losing to Jonathan, they notice Leo is missing*
    Mike: Where's Master Wang?
    Morty: He whispered "Peacan Soup" and walked out after the Keeper pinned you
    Mike: WHAT?! Oh no... not this, anything but this. Leo discussed this with me in private its his shame walk, we gotta find him before the day of camels.
    Jason: Any idea where he is?
    Mike: If said by the Pelican, its possible to fly the world in search of someone in under one circular rotation *phone rings,picks up* Hello? Yes. He's where? Okay whatever you do don't say Blooming Onion around him or he'll try and hunt Kangaroos, we are on our way! *Hangs up* That was easy, everyone we gotta get the master to believe in more hope, he's 36 miles west, obviously because "all is west" lets go! Beacon! Grab your Healing Guitar Type B!
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  2. Listening to this and reading your guy's promos are a trip.
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  3. *Dexx grabs a brown electric*
    Dexx: We're coming master!
    *They all hit the road*
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