Storyline Where is Senhor Perfect and what has he done?

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  1. *the Rhod vs Marcus match has ended. As the two participants make their way to the back, a plain clothed Senhor Perfect hops over the guard rail and demands a mic.*

    The IWT ring. Once a place of honour and sportsmanship, has become a rotten stew of personal vendettas and abuse of power.

    I'm sure you all think I left cause I was bummed that I lost my IC title to Eric Draven. *the crowd murmurs yes* you poor naive fools. I'm sure the smarks out there can explain kayfabe to all of you. My onscreen "friend" Jonathan, is really the guy who makes the matches and chooses who goes over. Up to SS I was trusting his judgement thinking he was making the right choice for the company that I'm a cornerstone of, and helped build to what it is today.

    Alas, I was wrong. He's a petty little man who'd rather settle personal scores than do what's right. I've never had a problem laying down for a loss before when I was told. I am and have always been a professional. That being said I didn't think it was right to let Eric Draven, a man who's abandoned IWT more than once, to waltz in and end my near one year reign. Jono assured me that it was the only way to keep Draven part of IWT and that I would the Be pushed back into the main event scene for the long awaited Aids/Senhor II.

    I expressed how this was an awful idea, that my reign should end at the hands of a newer, hungry star ready to put his or her face on the map, not some deserter trying to cash in one more time at the expense of everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I hold no I'll will towards Draven, he did what he had to do. The blame falls fully on management! That's why I showed up "intoxicated" for that match and basically laid down for Draven.

    I should have known we had horrible leadership when I was forced to use my real life family in a stupid wrestling angle. They're still tormenting by that crap, and to them I apologize.

    I've sweat, I've bled, I've broken my body for this company. What do I have to show for it? A big beautiful house and all the 36" plasmas a guy could want. My issue isn't money, it's respect! How many world title shots have is had since I lost to aids at WM?......Exactly. That piece of crap match with Draven was at the top of the card and was the second highest watched match of the PPV. What does that tell you? Aids/Senhor is the second highest watched match in IWT history. Do we see a trend? Jono knows the people love Perfect, he knows you all don't care whether I win or lose, cause you know your asses will be entertained regardless.

    So instead of putting me into matches with the biggest stars of this company. He has me put up against new guys he thinks can make it. Every single time he did, I out shined them in the house shows so he had to put me over at the PPVs. Where is Georgie, where's that other guy who was WHC when I beat him? The list goes on and on.

    Now he let the other deserters come back, kid and Danny and the lot. Good luck with that Jono! Those guys never screwed you before. *Senhor makes a pity face*

    This isn't a retirement speech, all of you are paying for my mortgage, my cars, and my kids private school. This is for you all to know what's really going on. So Jono's way of punishing me is to put me up against My countryman CM Punk. I guess I don't deserve my rematch for my IC title eh? Eric Draven has left again after dropping the title after one month?!?!? Shocker!

    To sum this up FUCK JONA.......

    *Senhors mic is then cut and he is removed by a hoard of security*
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  2. As Senhor is being taken back, Aids is waiting for him. As Aids gives him his dues, and throws up the high five, senhor throws up a denial as he scoffs at Aids.
    [​IMG] Aids Stares forward, as Senhor laughs, walking past him, being taken away from the building
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  3. We share the same disdain for Jonathan, which is why I left in the first place

    Hopefully you come back soon.
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