Where* Is Sheamus?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Just curious, haven't seen him in a while.. On vacation, nursing an injury, what?
  2. Rescuing a cat.
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  3. Ohhhhhhh kay..
  4. PS.. What happened to my SigPic?
  5. Section was in "live mode" so signatures don't show. It should be fixed now.

    Sheamus is currently injured.

  6. Thanks for the info; how was he injured, what got injured, any idea on when he'll return?
  7. I can't remember how he was injured. I don't particularly care about him at all - in fact I despise seeing him on TV - so I don't remember how or where he was injured, but I remember it being for about 6 months iirc. Injury happened a few months ago I think so he'll be returning in 2-3 months probably.
  8. He tore some muscles at MITB when he fell leg first onto the ladder, He worked with it for a week or 2 and then had to leave.
  9. On MITB, He fell over a ladder

  10. Thanks for the info; any ideas on when he may return?
  11. As Crayo said 2-3 months

  12. Oh key dough key; thank you.
  13. Expect him for the Royal Rumble
  14. I think it was Money In The Bank where he tore one of his muscles and will be away for a couple of months. Would love to see him make a return just before Survivor Series.
  15. I didn't notice he was gone :happy:
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  16. He may be at home laughing at some of our threads and posts...
  17. I guess you didn`t notice Cena either
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  18. I can't c him.
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  19. What's a Sheamus?:jeritroll:
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  20. Just when I started to like him, he got injured. :emoji_slight_frown:.