Where is the glass ceiling on Garrett Bischoff?

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    When Garrett was debuted as a babyface he caught a lot of flack. Some members on here said he would work better as a heel and turns out they were right. He even outshines Brisco, who people thought was going to be the star of the two as a heel. Seems like Bischoff's are born to play heels. Garrett has that hateable look and his mic style suits a heel more than a face, his ring work to. So it seems like debuting him as a face actually served him a purpose. Similarly to Vince McMahon and Garrett's father Eric, he started out in a non wrestling role, as a ref (Vince and Eric both being broadcasters and commentary before becoming their well known heel characters). Like the two before him it helped get Garrett used to working in front of a crowd and the crowd in turn got used to seeing Garrett.Thus giving them more of a reason to boo him instead of just having him debut as a heel and being "Eric Bischoff jr." Granted this was probably not the long term plan for either Vince or Eric but with Garrett who actually wanted to become a wrestler from the start it might have well been.

    But how far can Garrett go? Will his smarmy heel character go long ways in the company or is there a glass ceiling for him? Personally I'd say he'll never be a world champion but I could definitely see a TV title run and a couple of tag team title runs in his future. I also have an idea of how to book him once the Aces and Eights ends. If he doesn't stay together with Wes Brisco as a heel tag team then I would pair him up with one of the bruisers from Aces and Eights. Probably Knox. Let Garrett do the talking and Knox be his bruiser and the heel duo could go on a mid card run that can last for a while. They can hold the tag belts, Garrett can hold the TV title or possibly even the X-Division title (through heel shenanigans) or Knox could hold the TV title, the other helping the other retain it. If Knox leaves the company down the line Garrett can always get some new muscle (think Kendrick's old man with the plan persona without being stoned and with a more aggressive ego). And even if he stays with Wes the same chemistry works. Just keep Garrett talking cause Wes is a retard.

    How far do you think Garrett can go in the business?

    Will he ever turn face again and will his heel run help him?

    How would you book him?
  2. Midcard staple / occasional tag team guy.

    Will he ever turn face again and will his heel run help him? He will but I hope not.

    How would you book him? Lower midcard for a year before busting out an annoying midcard title reign
  3. I'm still not impressed much. Granted I admit heel Bisch > face Bisch. I see he and Brisco as a team because neither one has the mic chops to make it on their own. If he works hard and improves he may get into the mid card title scene. I just personally don't see the 'it' factor there. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  4. Very satisfied with his heel run thus far tbh. About what I expected. Crowds hate him, chant "you can't wrestle", he has that smirky douchebag expressions on him that make you wanna kick his ass and similar. There's still a ton to improve though.

    I see a tag title and maybe a TV title reign. Keep this heel dude around.
  5. I think he has that look that makes you want to kick his ass all over the arena. I believe he's most defiantly more entertaining as a heel then he is as a face, but with that being said, he's doing fairly good in my opinion.

    How far will he go? It depends on him alone. I think he certainly does have the potential of becoming a decent TV Champion, but will he fulfill that? I would have him as an under mid-carder for a while, testing him as a tag-team wrestler and teasing him for a potential push to the crowd, and then have him fully break out into the TV Champion role for a while.

    I wouldn't push him straight away as that would certainly harm him as a character leaving him with nothing to do.
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  6. Good damn good post. +5
  7. I think he can become an upper mid card/occasional ME type guy. Could see him challenging for a world title, but probably never a guy to carry the big one. He has a lot of things going for him that will always keep him a heat magnet.
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  8. Could see him being a staple in the midcard for sure, TV and tag champ possibly.
  9. His actual name is often mispelled. It's not "Garrett", it's "Garett". Just sayin'.:rock:
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    Went by what was the standard spelling of Garrett. But thanks for pointing it out :obama:
  11. I blame Eric for mistreating his child and not spelling his name right, thus instantly giving poor Garett troubles down the line with his name.
  12. "He spelled my name wrong".

    Garrett's speech at Eric's funeral.
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  13. He has a hateable look? The guy has no qualities that impress me. All this "let's look at the silver lining with him" stuff baffles me, because I see none. The guy has no charisma and the only reactions he gets is "you can't wrestle" chants from hundreds of other fans who don't want to see him there, and the people that count that as usable heat are crazy.
  14. I don't see how you can love Slater and shit on Bischoff. They are essentially the same, although Slater is more polished in the ring.
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  15. I remember when we all hated this guy, we all said he should leave TNA along with his father.
    He's got a lot to give, and a lot to learn. His look is great, and I'd like to see him fight on his own more often.
  16. This guy can't wrestle. He is a decent heel but he isn't enough. After A&E storyline ends, he should go to OVW and train more.
  17. How isn't it a hateable look when I know 1000 people who wanna smash his stupid face?

    And I don't know why are you calling me crazy, but the "you can't wrestle" heat is a very usable heat.
  18. If people care enough to shout anything at him it's usable IMO, like Swagger. I'm not saying put the world title on him but let's not dismiss him as a midcard asset.
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  19. People are chanting banter-like chants at him, that doesn't mean his look is hateable. The guy has the most ordinary look in the world.
  20. Honestly, they need to big up the fact he's only there because of Eric. It will get a tonne of heat. I love the guy as a heel, just utterly detestable in every way possible.