WrestleMania Where will the swerve come from?

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  1. Normally there is some sort of swerve at Wrestlemania, where does it occur on this years card?
  2. Daniel Bryan will come out with a Grizzly Bear
  3. Heyman will turn into a corporate stooge scewing Punk and an Lesnar for a GM role on SD puts Booker back on commentary.
  4. Probably The Shield winning along with Orton's heel turn. Or Dolph cashing in and becoming champion, but I suppose that's arguable whether you'd consider that a swerve or not (as it's not really changing directions of an angle, but rather establishing a new one, though this kind of hinges on the results of the tag match to see if applies but this is all technical mumbo jumbo that means nothing so I'm not sure why I'd even bring it up). I mean, yeah I called both of these things long ago, as many other users have, but I'm trying to think of what results would surprise the casual audience more. I mean, I was told earlier today that several people on Twitter think Punk is winning against Taker via DQ, which not only makes me glad I don't have a twitter but lowers my opinion on the booking sense of several members of the casual audience.

    But I think it really has to be one of those two things, trying to create some kind of swerve in pretty any other match would just result in stupid booking, a swerve just for the sake of swerving. Like the idea of Shawn costing Triple H the Lesnar match, that's just a really, really stupid idea. Or having Rock beat Cena, or Punk ending the streak. And if it's not going to be the Shield match (which I still assume most casuals don't anticipate Shield winning/Orton heel turn combo) or even Ziggler cash-in or any of the big three matches, then trying to swerve us with one of the other matches wouldn't really accomplish much. I don't care what incredible shocking turn you concoct, if it happens during Tons Of Funk vs. Rhode Scholars, it's not going to make a big impact.
  5. Triple H actually retiring, probably. I could see Steph throwing in the towel for Triple H (when's the last time e saw that kind of ending, 1994?) when he refuses to submit to Lesnar's Kimura armbar. She says the next night that him defeating Lesnar just isn't worth injuring himself further over. He hugs her, Vince maybe comes out and tells him that he's put in his time and took the fight to Lesnar like no one has before, but now his job is behind the scenes. I could even see a surprise appearance by Shane (!) saying he was impressed by what HHH did at Wrestlemania.

    I don't see the Orton heel turn coming. It seems mostly internet wishful thinking (much like Cena's heel turn) and I'm still not seeing the logic behind it. What reason does Orton have to turn on his team? If anything, he may turn later as a result of the loss to The Shield here but I would expect Orton to still be a face when Wrestlemania ends.

    Ziggler probably isn't cashing in. A good sign as to whether he is or not is if the WHC match goes on first. Ziggler isn't cashing in and becoming world champion only to then wrestle for the measly tag titles later on. If another match goes on first (I actually think the tag title match itself could), then the probabilities of a cash in happening go way up.

    Punk could end the streak. Maybe the big swerve is making it look like Taker's opponent more than ever has no chance of losing only for them to put Punk over and make him into a bigger heel than ever before. (Bwahahahaha... I'm sorry, I couldn't even type that one with a straight face.)

    Rock isn't beating Cena either, sorry.
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  6. I really can't see that happening. I may just be stucked with my preconceived notions of Triple H though, but I really don't see any result outside of Trips winning happening. Especially since Shawn is in his corner and isn't he the only one confirmed to be there?

    Also, I really don't like the throwing in the towel scenario (which incidentally, is the only way I really can see Trips losing, even if just barely). Mainly because don't you have to actually be the wrestler's manager for that to actually mean anything? I mean, the only reason the manager can do that is because the wrestler would have logically signed a contract with the agent allowing him to make such formal/business decisions such as that and other ones. Like I wasn't watching back then, so I legitimately don't know this. But even so, I wouldn't agree with the logic behind it (which I assume would be the whole marriage thing, but that logic is very flawed). I suppose it could work (I'd still disagree with it) if it was the just the designated cornerman, but that role belongs to Shawn and I don't think he'd do that. At least I'd argue he would.

    It's not wishful thinking on my part, I really don't want a heel Randy Orton (nor do I want a heel John Cena, I'm so very in the minority). Moving on, the logic is pretty clear, from all I've seen anyway.

    I. One of the biggest factors in the match is the distinction between The Shield & Orton/Sheamus/Show. From the few promos I've seen of the build, the fact that The Shield is a well-oiled unit while Orton & crew are essentially a bunch of people thrown together is always prominent. Whether they can trust each other (I mean, Show got involved in this feud because The Shield interrupted his match against Orton The conclusion to the even that would cause the team to align had all the future teammates hitting each other with their finisher. And they did the same thing next week except this time Show was facing Sheamus.

    II. This build indicates either the team will pull together or that the team will lose because they couldn't get on the same page, otherwise driving that point in during backstage interviews and Shield promos would've been utterly pointless. I believe The Shield is winning due to those reports stating Ryback/Henry was designed to give Ryback a big win at a PPV along with Ryback's sudden (though completely justified in my opinion) removal from the feud, and am just speculating Orton turning heel will be the way they win (though it could just be a post-match thing, but I'll get to that). Getting back to the point, following that logic, the reason I assume Orton will be turning heel is because well, I just feel turning on his teammates is more fitted for his character than anyone elses. Show has essentially turned face from my knowledge, and I'd really hate if he was just a face for like two weeks before turning again. Sheamus just doesn't seem likely for a turn in my opinion (which I won't really explain why as I'm trying to keep this brief [yeah, I know I past "brief" quite some time ago but still]).

    III. While I didn't explain Sheamus, a big reason to why he doesn't seem likely is that well, Orton just seems more likely. Here's a few things we know about Orton, he wants to be a heel. I'm not judging this solely based off the reports, I read this on his twitter at least a year ago but the reports definitely help. He has still yet never considered himself to have had a WrestleMania moment (or something to this effect), he says this in his DVD. So unless he found his bout with Kane special, that's probably still the case. WWE might throw him a bone here. Also, Orton's character is way more wired for this kind of action (i.e. basically carrying over everything from his heel character over to his face one). A little chaos during a tag match way back in the build to Over The Limit led to Orton RKO'ing Sheamus (either post-or during, can't recall, probably post). Plus, WWE could definitely use another top heel, and Orton would benefit more from turning heel than Sheamus would.

    But essentially, Orton's reason would happen during the match. The Shield have proven to be very effective in the ring, and it's likely to be very infuriating to those involved. Add in a little chaos during the ending half of the match (as most Shields match descend into chaos albeit it can be briefly). Then add in the fact that the team is already established to be rocky. Finally, add in the fact that Orton's character has been established to be prone to angry outburst in past developments, and him costing them the match by attacking one of the men on his team makes perfect sense. While that in of itself is not necessarily a heel turn, it's certainly the starting point for one and can be played off like that during the show.

    IV. Finally (bonus logic), I see it happening during the Mania match because that's where it'd make the most impact (as opposed to after Mania, or even just after the match). That's all I really wanted to say here.

    If I had to guess, I'd say the tag title match would be going first. I really don't think the World title will open (then again, I'm stubborn and decided Ziggler was cashing in at Mania months ago, so my opinion might be invalid here).
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  8. C.) No swerve
  9. The swerve is people are gonna buy this shitty Wrestlemania
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    Actually finding out that Living Colour is going to perform will be awesome. Put Vernon Reid vs Diddy in a hardcore match.
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  10. Orton turning, I think.
  11. It was Helen Hart at Survivor Series 1994 that threw in the towel, so it doesn't have to be a manager. I would think Stephanie would make sense considering they're not only married but ultimately linked to the future of the company and this feud was flared up again all because of Lesnar attacking Vince so there's the whole tie-in to Brock disrespecting the McMahon family as a whole. The logic would follow that someone from that circle (the one closet to HHH, Stephanie) would be right to throw in the towel for Triple H. HBK doing it would make sense as well, though.

    Either way, I don't see this happening, but it's a cool scenario to think about. I personally don't want HHH to retire just yet, to be honest. He still has enough gas left in the tank to be an asset in working with other guys (Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins, etc.) in the future. I just want to see Brock win.

    As for the Orton turn, he does seem like someone who can go off and attack a fellow teammate or 'friend' at any moment but because he's already RKOed Sheamus (and a couple of other faces, I think) without being seen as a heel shows it would have to take more than just doing it again after or during the Wrestlemania match to go heel. Are The Shield so hated that Orton doing that and walking out on his team and leaving them to take the loss would be enough to make him heel again? I think it would probably have to take a bit more than that before we see Orton make the full transition back into being the vicious Viper.
  12. Do some people know what a swerve is? A swerve is when people know they're going one way (I.E Orton turning or Taker winning) and then they do the opposite.

    Orton turning heel is not a swerve.
  13. Helen Hart throwing in the Towel is one of the greatest moments in WWE history.
  14. Owen's involvement in that match is legendary. His acting was great, from pleading and almost crying to celebrating when Bret lost, what a great performance.
  15. Yeah. And Backlund winning the belt finished up one of the greatest comeback stories of all time :obama:
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  16. How is something everyone expects a 'swerve' ?
  17. For us it isn't, yeah, but I suppose it'd be a swerve for the marks since they didn't hint it at all, idk.
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  18. Miz finally wins a midcard title :silva:
  19. [​IMG]

  20. Finally? He's already had them both