Where Will They Go With The Corporation?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. So after Night Of Champions HHH and Steph have dropped Randy Orton as their champion so what is next for the corporation?

    They started off as heels but they have been showing some of a tweener side, Congratulating the men who stood up for Bryan, Dropping Orton and on Smackdown HHH got a tweener reaction.

    They just seems to be taking up time on Raw with pointless segments and the stupid Big Show crap and it gets annoying seeing every storyline revolve around them. Where can they go from this? Its what 2 weeks till Battleground and we have like 2 matches confirmed?

  2. It's gonna end up being Big Show vs. Triple H at Wrasslemania. They are gonna drag this shit out for as long as possible.
  3. Yeah, they've dragged it on for ages, I mean they gave the PTP a little push. Now what are they going to beat The Shield at somepoint?
  4. Either they're gonna propel The Shield to become the top dogs or they'll drop them and find somebody else. Maybe Barrett since he was with them since the beginning,but, I doubt it though.
  5. Well, since the Attitude Era is back, we know Austin is gonna make a full-time return.
  6. Trips and Steph dropped Orton as their Champion?.. Maybe for the time being, after Battleground, Randy Orton will once again be the Corporate Champion.
  7. They haven't dropped Orton, silly dunderhead.
  8. I don't think PTP will ever beat Shield, not currently anyway. Shield's built too big. I mean, it took 11 guys just to take 'em all out :dawg: (provided most of them were jobbers, but still). As much as I love PTP, but not the right time. I hope they have the tag-team titles at some point, though.
  9. Yeah they have, Have you been watching Raw at all?
  10. Bryan/HHH at WM. If they're really bent on copying the storyline I booked on TEW last year, HHH will probably end up winning the belt and defending it against Bryan at WM. Otherwise, there's lots of places they could go, since I'm pretty sure DB/Orton won't be the final blowoff. Suppose the Administration could get Lesnar as a hired gun to take DB out at WM as well and then Bryan goes over the monster at WM.

  11. Yes. I've been paying attention to the subtext too, unlike you.
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  12. I want Shane McMahon to return and kick HHH's ass and take over the company

  13. "Monk" reruns are on ION TV on Fridays; NFL football on ESPN on Mondays... I *still* would like to see The Big Show grab Steph and shove her into a trash bin with just her legs showing...
  14. I want Shane McMahon to establish himself as the alpha male of the WWE hierarchy by stacking Steph on top of Vince on top of Triple H and triple sodomizing them in THIS VERY RING while Donald Trump watches and says "Shane's penis is 'UGE!"
  15. Bryan will establish himself as the corporate champ so he can keep his title :russo: