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  1. Datcolytes burst through Trip's office and lay a smoke machine down. Two more Datcolytes wheel in a TV that has Dat Kid's titantron on DVD. Then change the Trip's bulbs to purple before he can even asses what's going on.

    Dat Kid walks out of the smoke that's in Trip's room, wearing both the IWT and World Heavyweight Championships around his waist. Kid takes a seat across from Trip's desk.

    My name is Dat Kid and I beat Alias and Bryant in the same night in a handicap match becoming the Undisputed IWT World Heavyweight Champion.

    Trip is about to speak until he is cut off

    My name is Dat Kid and I beat Alias and Bryant in the same night in a handicap match becoming the Undisputed IWT World Heavyweight Champion.

    Trip looks annoyed

    My name is Dat Kid and I beat Alias and Bryant in the same night in a handicap match becoming the Undisputed IWT World Heavyweight Champion.

    Dat Kid slams his hand on @Trip in the Head 's desk

    My name is Dat Kid and I beat your fucking main event and I don't give a shit about your slavery bullshit. I beat your main event, no one wants to see a bunch losers fight for titles they dont own anymore! I am your champion! I am your only world champion and you will place me in the main event at Summerslam and you will declare me the rightful IWT Champion and World Heavyweight Champion!
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    *Trip continues to look annoyed but sits back in his office chair*

    TRIP: You done now? Or you gonna try to tell me you're the champ one more time? Maybe if you say it enough it will actually come true. But you know what it sounds like to me? *Trip leans forward on his desk with his elbows* A prayer. And that's something you just don't have at this point Dat Kid.

    *Trip sits back one more time and snaps his fingers as security rushes the room and takes out dacolytes left and right with night sticks. Soon all that is left standing is Dat Kid and multiple security guards rush him. The first couple of security guards are easily dealt with by Dat Kid, but soon the numbers game catches up to him like it always does. One guard strikes Dat Kid in the back of his knee with a nightstick, forcing him down to one knee as two other guards grab his arms and hold him in place. Trip stands up and straightens his tie before walking around his desk slowly. He stops in front of Dat Kid and promptly slaps him hard across the face.*

    TRIP: You come in here with your smoke and purple lights and think you can make demands? Are you Prince now? Is this your version of Purple Rain? Should I expect you to wear assless chaps now? *Trip stops and thinks for a second after that statement before continuing* Anyway, *Trip sits calmly on his desk* you didn't WIN the championships Dat Kid. I mean, I hate to break it to you, but someone seems to have stolen and trashed the IWT and WHC belts. Even if I WANTED to award you with them I couldn't. *Trip gets back off his desk and kneels to get in Dat Kid's face* Because of YOU. You think you're so smart Dat Kid. But this time you seem to have shot yourself in the foot.

    *Trip stands back up before slapping Dat Kid once again*

    This is what's going to happen at the main event for SummerSlam. First, I will be revealing the new replacement belts before the match. Second, Joey Bryant (@DK James ) and Alias Antonio (@THG? ) will go head to head one more time to see who is the more dominant champion in IWT. The winner walking away with BOTH titles - there will be no 'unification'. Third, YOU will be the special referee in the match to make sure the right man wins.

    *Trip puts his hand under Dat Kid's chin and makes him look him in the eye*

    And we all know who that is, right?

    *Dat Kid pulls his chin away from Trip's grasp*

    Well you better have your story straight by SummerSlam and do what I tell you - or you WILL be fired Dat Kid. No exceptions. Got it? *Dat Kid just stares at Trip* Good. *Trip turns to walk away before turning back* OH, I almost forgot. You remember those assless chaps I mentioned earlier? That's going to be your ring attire for this special referee gig.

    *Trip smiles*

    Enjoy SummerSlam Dat Kid. Take him away.

    *Trip says as he walks out of his office. The guards haul Dat Kid out behind him as the rest of the security start to clean up Trip in the Head's office for another time*
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  3. lol loses matches and tries to turn. Wins one match when it doesn't matter and back to the old gimmick. I can tell you where this road leads, well minus the title wins.
  4. I'm excited for assless chaps :happy:
  5. You're still here?
  6. The Immortal Aids Johnson never goes away.

    You're still trying to earn your first World Title?
  7. still trying to abort your 7th baby?
  8. never, trying to find a Kevorkian for my 7th baby mama.
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