which is most blood match in wwe history?

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  1. which is most blood bleeding match in wwe history?
  2. One of them would have to be the JBL/Guerrero match where Eddie bladed too deep.

  3. please provide when it took place?
  4. Judgment Day 2004
  5. John Cena vs JBL in an I quit match, Cena looked like he bladed with a katana.
  6. Hornswoggle vs Vince McMahon :troll:
  7. there are so many "i quit matches" in wwe, so it is difficult to find.
    please provide event name& date whether it is wwe raw or wwe smackdown event or ppv event.

  8. Not hard to find.
  9. I just provided the two wrestlers who fought, they only had one I quit match, not hard at all, it's like looking up RVD vs Cena for the WWE championship.
  10. I was gonna say that :sad:
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