Which Sense Do You Most Trust?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Touching so I can grab dat dick
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  4. I trust my sixth sense (a.k.a. my perception/insight/intuition) the most.
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  5. :obama:

    Not many people know how to use that though, glad to see someone else on the forum can. I think I have a more sensitive intuition cause of my anxiety... I tend to focus on things more than the average person. lol
  6. definitely taste. taste never lies
  7. Common.

    Real answer: sight
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  8. Sight for porn
  9. Came here to say this.

    Though if I had to pick one of the five, I guess sight. Doesn't help when I'm seeing things that aren't there however.
  10. same here

    my greymatter is what i trust most, when someone says something a run it through me greymatter, works a charm at the end of the day
  11. I think most people would pick sight or hearing.
    Out of the 5, I'd say touch.

    I have seen things that weren't actually there, or assumed them to be what they weren't.
    I always mishear people or think I am hearing things.
    Even my sense of smell tricks me. Like if I think I smell something burning.
    And taste... Well, taste buds actually change every 7 years.
  12. :pity:

    We all know your answer is taste Jono. #Dominos
  13. You didn't get the joke.

    Non... nonsense...
  14. I got that. :pity:
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