Which Wrestlers Should Turn?

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  1. Speaking of the current roster, which faces should turn heel and which heels should turn face?
    No wrong answers here, just explain why you would turn someone.

    I for one would make Sasha a heel. Her gimmick would make more sense and I can bet her mic skills would improved. Also, let Roman be the heel the WWE universe deserves....
    :reigns2:TURN HIM ALREADY!
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  2. I've been calling for the Rusev face turn since the loss to Cena.
    Man, ever since that whole "I've lost my streak, my belt, my wife, now I'm hurt" sob story it's been so easy to cheer for the guy.
    And ever since then almost everything they've done has just make it easier. He was the face in like every feud since that one lol

    Also turn Apollo Crews heel because fuck it why not
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  3. :yes: Rusev should be a face. He always fights for honor and love... The heck Vince. :mad2:

    And Big E needs to be a solo heel power house as well.
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  4. Dean Ambrose

    Right now hes like teetering on a heelish babyface character. His "lunatic" character has gotten stale, he had a horrible title run, and overall not a very good year in general. After No Mercy they should keep the belt on AJ and have an Ambrose and Cena feud with Ambrose going full blown HEEL. It will really bring his character back to a mean, angry, and devious persona which will hopefully make his whole lunatic thing cool. I think him and Cena have good chemistry with the whole Ambrose replacing Cena as the new "work horse" of the company
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  5. "Rusev is fighting for the honor of Lana, and Roman Reigns is fighting for the United States Championship!" - Cole

    "Dammit! Why can't anything I do get this guy over!? :angry:" - Vince

    I was just thinking about E... but...
    You can call me crazy on this one, but with WWE searching so much for the next top face... With a more serious edge and the right kayfabe support, why not E?
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  6. Ya know, Big E can do a decent face when he is being all bubbly and funny. But I doubt it will happen. Not saying Vince is a racist, but Vince is a racist. :21-1:
  7. I personally think Big E would be completely lost without New Day. His persona is kind of 1 dimensional. Just a goofy loud obnoxious character who is big as hell. I think Xavier Woods would have the best chance of a solo run at this point. He by far has the most charisma in New Day. I think he would be smart enough at this point to adapt into his own singles match character. The only thing he is missing is his size. I think Vince would say he's too small for a serious main event singles push
  8. Really? He played a solid brute with AJ in my opinion. He can be like Brock... Just a heel who is short on words and goes around destroying people.
  9. But with Brock it's much different. Brock is a former UFC champ and has all the credentials. Big E has played the goofy character for a year and would way harder to take seriously when everyone will always remember him as the guy gyrating his hips all the time and talking about Booty Os
  10. I guess but some guys have come back from worse.
  11. Honestly...Out of everyone...I'd like to see
    Becky Lynch go full-on, schizo, unhinged heel.

    Not sure why...I just think the role would suit her.
  12. Who should be turned heel: Reigns, Ambrose, Ziggler (if he isn't leaving), Crews.

    Who should be turned face: Rusev only springs to mind rn.
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    1.Big E is a JOKE PERIOD
    2.If anyone deserves another singles push from The New Day it's Kofi Kingston
  14. (As far as the heel/face turn goes I'm thinking about what's best for business)
    Heel turn-Reigns, Crews, Ziggler..... (And I know it won't happen but fuck it...... John Cena!)
    Face turn- I really don't know right now
  15. I would love to see a heel Ambrose feud with Shane McMahon ending in a street fight or last man standing match
  16. Nope. Big E is arguably the best member of the group.
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  17. Key word in your sentence bro ARGUABLY........ and that would be true if it was a show about grinding in the ring.....Then yea Big E would have my vote but Kofi is way more talented just needs a lil more help with the mic skills
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    Looking through the roster, what about Tyler Breeze? Granted it's a turn just to do one, but hey, Breeze beating the shit out of Fanjobbo to go after Miz's title almost seems like the only option. Sorry, Swagger

    Wait, how did we forget about Bray Wyatt? His 2 week face turn earlier was quality

    Also Big Show. That guy can use a turn
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  19. But, Big E has it all. The in-ring work, the mic skills and oozes with charisma.

    But, oh well. Different strokes for different folks.
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  20. I don't understand why people see Big E as a weak character. Yes, Kofi can wrestle damn good but he is not good on the mic, specially not by himself. Big E had proven he can play a face and a heel well and has come a long way. If anything Woods and Kofi need the group where as Big E, I feel, can get along without it just fine. Eventually they will split and we will get to see what happens.
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