Who are your favorite Tag Team Champions?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by arianna, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Who are your favorite Tag Team Champions? My favorite are Daniel Bryan and Kane.
  2. New Age Outlaws.
  3. Good ones.
  4. cant pick between hardy's dudley's and edge&christian
  5. I hate when I can't pick between one or another. :upset:
  6. my Tag Team Champions was Kane & Undertaker Brothers from Hell. Undertaker come back ?


    I Fuckin Miss u Undertaker

    Now it is Daniel Bryan and Kane, before it was Kane & Undertaker
  8. British Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, LOD, Brothers of Destruction, Hart Dynasty, and The Rockers
  9. :tough::lol1: UHOH people may want to kill me after I give my answer(I'm expecting that anyway-lol)-

    KOFI AND R.TRUTH-They're funny as hell and they work really well together and some of their skills and acrobatic talents are cool (oh i sure do miss Evan Airborne-he and Kofi were cool as well.

    I also like REY MYSTERIO and SINCARA-I like the circus acrobatic stuff,some of those moves are really cool and mind blowing.

    In a way-I know they had Punk and Sheamus team up together once or twice which I REALLY REALLY liked and I wish that would have been something a little more permanent too-as I do think both do kind of work well together in a way.

    Kane and DB-yeah-they're okay-OKAY BUT STRANGE-lol-those 2 are some ODD DUCKS-lol.
    And 1 more thing I KNOW EVERYONE IN HERE will want to strangle the life out of me for(even Punk himself,but I told you guys-I'm Not A Good Liar-lol).

    There was once or twice when Punk and Cena did team up together and I kind of liked that too-lol.

  10. The Road Warriors
  11. :jbl: :damn: Acolytes Protection Agency. Had great chemistry, funny yet cool segments, and they were just a cool team.
  12. Hart Dynasty (Kidd and Smith)
  13. oops I forgot Demolition and Strike Force
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