Storyline Who Attacked Chris Young?

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  1. Back in the locker room, Chris Young is packing up and getting ready to leave the arena. The camera crew is in the room with him, having followed him around due to the importance of him becoming the first television champion. Chris simply ignores their questions, confident that he has said everything that he needed to say when he was in the ring.

    The camera crew realizes that they are not going to get any new information from Chris and the boom microphone operator puts his microphone down and leaves. The camera man remains in the room for a few minutes and it's just him and Chris Young in the locker room.

    The camera man puts down his camera before deciding to leave the room. By this point, Chris Young is almost completely ready to leave the arena. Despondent that he won't get any more answers from Chris, the camera man leaves the room. As soon as the door closes, however, he notices a clicking sound that it was immediately locked. Taking a quick look back at the door, he quickly sees that the light in the dressing room also gets shut off.

    Before the camera man even has a chance to ask what is wrong, he hears a really loud thud and a groan from the room. The camera man tries the door handle.*

    Camera Man: Mr. Young? Are you okay?

    *Almost immediately, he hears another sound of someone getting hit. It's followed by a few more grunts as well. The camera man tries the door handle again, and then begins pounding on the door. He hears the very clear noises of a scuffle in the room.*

    Camera Man: Someone get security over here! Something is going on with Mr Young in the locker room!

    *Security quickly gets over to the room as the fight noises continue. While the security guard is looking for his master key, both he and the camera man hear a loud crashing sound from inside the room. Immediately afterwards, the scuffle sounds stop and the room is silent.

    The security guard finally gets the door open and he pushes it inward. The room is dark and the guard checks for the light. He turns it on to see the locker room in total shambles A bloody and beaten Chris Young is lying against the wall of a broken bathroom stall. The camera man continues filming. No one else is in the locker room and it is unclear how anyone got in or out and who it was that attacked Chris Young.*

    Security guard: Someone get an ambulance here.

    *Chris's shirt is ripped off and on his chest, written in what appears to be Chris's blood are the words "IWT TV Champion" with a circle around it and a line through it.*

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