Who Cares?

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  1. Nick walks out to a decent pop. Instead of having his typical cocky look he looks a bit more serious. He grabs a mic and goes into the ring.

    "Dat kid.

    *crowd pops for all but Farooq. One smark holds up his 36 inch plasma TV sign*

    "Washed up.

    *crowd gives a mixed reaction*

    "I'm sure all of you people in the IWT universe have heard about the recent departures here in the IWT. If you somehow haven't heard about them, there you go. Now, I'm not out here to ramble on and on about how things will be different. I'm not out here to bore people or give you 'piss break'. I'm out here with a purpose. I've got a lot of things to say and I feel that this is the time to let it out. My first and most important matter at hand - who cares?"

    "When I say who cares I honestly mean it. We just lost dead weight around in the IWT. What's there to care about?"

    *Another mixed reaction*

    "My opinions on Kid have changed every day since I got here. I don't like what he's done to me at Night of Champions, but I like how he's given me opportunities to prove myself. However, he truly was dead weight. Doesn't fight. Only cares about himself. Easily manipulated. The way things were working, you earned yourself a title shot by kissing Kids ass. I hope you're watching this Kid because I've got a lot to say about you but I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. You're the definition of what's wrong with IWT and its superstars. You're weak. You quit because for one of the first times in your life you felt adversity. You didn't try to put up with it all you did was bitch and moan and cry until you reached your ridiculously low breaking point. You try to seem like a hard ass with your new shoot interviews but you're not. You're nothing but a weak, spineless son of a bitch. I'm glad you're gone from IWT because I was sick of you taking away OUR air time."

    *crowd boos*

    "Boo me. Boo me all you want because Im out here speaking the truth! Obviously none of you can handle it!"

    "Next up is anonymous.. A group who I've actually taken a liking to in the IWT. However, the more I saw their videos and their promos I realized something. What were they here for? Britanica and Danielson truly didn't belong here. You may have had issues with Christian but that was it? Or were you like Kid? You knew that once kid left you couldn't kiss Jonathan's ass for a title shot. You couldn't handle that main event matches were going to be handed to you so you folded. It doesn't effect me. All you did was help develop the new era in IWT. An era of order without corruption. An era without Anonymous and Kid making their boring videos, an era without annoying veterans. It's only the truth."

    *more boos only cause Nick to laugh*

    "Lastly, Farooq. The next big Hollywood movie star. I hate to break it to you, but you're going no where out there. You'll be eaten alive there. No magazines no box office hits no nothing! Just misery and sorrow. Misery because you thought you had found your niche but in reality you only had just found something that would hurt your already damaged ego. You're just like Kid. Weak. In fact, that brings me to another point. You think YOU made everyone quit? They all quit because they're weak and spineless. No heart. Just like you. 'Oh no, I'm facing George! I'm gonna bail to pursue my acting career that is sure to fail!' I wish I was in the same room as you so I could punch you straight in the mouth. Disgusting. Brag about your plasma tvs, brag about your movies you claim to be starring in. Nobody cares Farooq. You're barely remembered right now and soo you be completely irrelevant. Irrelevant just like the other hasbeens that bailed on this great company!"

    *mixed reactions, leaning more towards boos*

    "And if you're thinking about not watching because of these resignations, stop it. The new era is upon us. Aids Johnson holds the title. As much as I hate the guy it's better than any of those hasbeens and definitely better than Parker. Georgie will soon hold his first title. One of the greatest moments of all time will be coming. Mr. mid card is transitioning into mr. main event. The group of new superstars such as myself, Joey Bryant, Lucas Hacksaw, and Gav the chav are the future. The aforementioned are the present that will be better than ever. Then, we will top them. There is a great present and future here, so you better keep watching because its only gonna get better."

    *crowd cheers*

    "I think that's enough for now. I think my point is clear. And if any of you "greats" have the fall to say anything to me or about me do it. Do it here, twitter, e mail - I don't care. Me not even being acknowledged will just prove how pathetic you guys are, and just give more proof that you aren't needed around here. We don't need you. The dead weight is gone. Just to sum it up, nobody cares now, nobody will care again. Good riddance!" *Nick drops the mic to more mixed reactions and smiles cockily.*
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  2. :damn:!

    Nice promo dude. Might have to hop on twitter for this one :obama:
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  3. Am I going to be flamed by the legendary smark?? #fangirling
  4. I did this type of thread first. The feud continues!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. *Britanica watches from her padded cell laughing and making farooq plamsa tv jokes*
  7. Back to the drawing board ace. I've been here since day one, and I made a name for myself by doing anon throughout 9 months. It's easy for your punk ass to show up and talk about things you know nothing about. If you knew ANYTHING about me you'd know that I never had a title match (outside when I was drawing interest to the tag titles) I didn't ever ask for a god damn thing from jono or dat kid, and they will both tell you the same thing. They actually apperciate the fact that I was willing to push smaller talent, because all i cared about was creating a good story. So if you want your 5 seconds of fame, that's cute. Watch your mouth and make your name off someone else or be [​IMG]
    deth smark
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  8. Wasn't so much calling you out on being handed a main event match - though ill admit I did. More so that you and your "partner" Britanica were dead weight around here. I say partner lightly because there's no way you two haven't fucked on Kid's desk yet. Practically everyone has. But that's besides the point. Your resignation is great for business!


    OOC: too lazy so I pulled a Trips right back at you
  9. OOC: Good luck in iwt. That was my last promo, eat it up guys.

    And he says i'm boring ha
  10. OOC: Purely kayfabe. We'll miss you :cry:
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  11. Damn double posts keep happening
  12. I know man, good shoot. Good luck again.
  13. :pity: Not on magazines?
    Show Spoiler

    Try again kid :pity:

    And a lot of people remember me, if they didn't, they wouldn't have held out the plasma TV screen kid. Also never claimed to make them quit, I said I quit before all of them. See ya in jobber lane kid. *puts on sunglasses and disappears*
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  14. Fuck you and fuck your plasma TV
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  15. Ouch dude:((
  16. I meant HHH :pity2:
  17. :facepalm1:Oh my bad, sorry. Good stuff btw.