Who do you think has the most potential to be a big TNA draw?

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  1. I know as fans we don't care about the ratings, but TNA sure as hell should/do. So who do you think on the current roster has the most potential to be the companies big drawing factor?

    Or if you are the type of person that thinks the SHOW draws and not one particular person, what roster in the future has the potential to be a big drawing roster?
  2. Hardy, Roode, Storm and Aries for me. Possibly Magnus also.
  3. There's a number who I reckon could do but Bobby Rooooooo stands out just now.
  4. Roode should be the big draw by now. Hardy is pulling the ratings right now as well and Storm, AJ and Aries will also be big factors if handled right I think. Magnus can also be big if done right.
  5. Without an agressive marketing and advertising, no one. They could sign John Cena, and IW wouldn't pop over 1.5, I swear.
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  6. In reality, this.

    In a vacuum if I'm just looking at all of their talent and you asked me who could be a huge draw? Angle obviously, Hardy, Joe, and Roode all come to mind as they are now. In the future I still think Crimson could be huge if they handle him right. Dude is a stud
  7. Lol, please never run a business. Crimson?
  8. Hardy, Angle, Roode and Sting.
  9. Re: RE: Who do you think has the most potential to be a big TNA draw?

    As proven with Hardy, wasn't he out drawing Cena for a short while in 09 then he shows up at the IZ a few months later and people think he's retired....
  10. Crimson, Matt Morgan, Magnus, Jesse Sorensen. So much we've yet to see from these guys.
  11. :pity1:

    Crimson is dope dude. Fuck off
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  12. Hardy, Aries, Bully Ray, A.J Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode.
  13. Strong list besides AJ. I don't think he can draw flies with shit.
  14. I really think they need to give Bully a run. He's one of the best on the mic anywhere right now, and has really improved in the ring as of late.
  15. Re: RE: Who do you think has the most potential to be a big TNA draw?

    Should be their WWE Hardy style draw imo, what kid wouldn't love a guy who does the crazy flippy shit AJ can do?