Who do YOU want to win BFG and why?

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  1. Joe for me. Love his work, he's got himself back to his best, they've built him up pretty well during this BFG series and I'd love to see the belt around his chest again.
  2. I want Bully Ray, I like him, and his character. I just feel like I can connect with him, and I really want him to win and just kick-ass.
  4. I'm a huge fan of Ray, but I get the feeling he doesn't need to have the title now. He's really there to make the younger up-and-coming guys look good. I want nothing more than a Bully Ray WHC reign, but I think it's best to let someone else take the BFG series, like Joe. My opinion though ofc and I'd certainly want Ray to win it over the likes of Hardy (still a big fan of Hardy).
  5. never seen 'around his chest' instead of 'around his waist'

    I picture Joe wearing the title like a bra to help support his luscious man bewbs
  6. Sexy Joe is sexy.

    But yeah Joe for me. He has been built like an absolute monster, tearing down anything he gets thrown against him and he has really stepped up his game. This is the Joe who shot on Scott Hall. Love it.
  7. As much as I want it to be Joe, I'd prefer Bully Ray over him ATM. Then I'd put them in a feud with Joe chasing him along with Aries and Storm. So yeah, Bully Ray.
  8. Bully Ray doesn't need nice things like winning the BFG Series. He could be in a feud over a 20 dollar gift card at Sizzler with Mike Tenay and it would still be gold.
  9. Since we have a face champ... gotts be a heel winner.. gotta be RAY... Roode screw over storm.. then Hardy beats an injured Joe again.. then. ray over hardy
  10. I'm torn between all four actually.

    Bully is one of the best heels in wrestling today (if he's actually a heel; TNA seems pretty good about keeping the lines a little blurry for a bunch of their guys and Bully, while his character is definitely heelish, is a defender of TNA against A&8s, which is a face position), and I'd love to see him have a run as the champ. Jeff Hardy is a guy I've always enjoyed watching and can do a lot of good with the belt. James Storm is one of the most compelling performers in the business and I think he's got a lot of storyline potential for whatever he does, but the title around the waits (or chest, for that matter) of a guy like that is always a good thing. And Samoa Joe is just an absolute beast, who confers strong credibility on any title he holds, plus he has built himself up very nicely recently and "earned" the title.

    Of course, all of this is also supposing that Aries is going to lose, which might not be the best decision as Aries is just one of the top all-around players in the game and has had a great feud with Roode to make the title mean something while he carries it. He's an extremely credible champion and I could see him carrying the championship for a long time yet.

  11. Joe would be [​IMG]

    But wouldn't mind seeing Ray.
  12. Joe or Ray now... Rooting for both as a fuck.
  13. Just noticed I didn't post my reason.

    Samoa Joe - He's a Main-Eventer and always was Pre-Hogan/Bitchoff. He seemed to get lost in the picture after he got abducted by random people and after the Tazz storyline went no where.

    Bully Ray - I think it's about time they gave him the title.
    He's been entertaining for the past few months, he lost weight, his character and his wrestling has been phenomenal.