Storyline Who faces the IWT Champion at Night of Champions?

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  1. Dat Kid comes through the curtain, limping with his cane. There's still a bit of animosity towards Dat Kid from the fans for his actions at Summerslam as they throw food at him as he walks out. Kid walks between the ropes of the ring and raises the hand holding the cane, which makes the crowd erupt in hatred. Dat Kid laughs and asks for the mic?
    Ya'll mad?​
    The crowd starts chanting "fuck you kid" and security starts getting antsy.
    If we could just get a moment of absolute silence I have some important news to announce. You know there's been a lot of confusion with this tournament as to why the winner wouldn't go on to face the IWT Champion AT Night of Champions instead of the next IWT PPV. Well there's an easy explanation for that, it's because I said so. ​
    Kid smirks arrogantly
    I have much bigger plans for Night of Champions. See I recently got word that a competitor on the roster has just be medically cleared to compete again and he is a former IWT Champion.​
    The crowd pops and Erik Draven chants start. Dat Kid smiles and lets the fans chant for a while.
    That competitor...​
    Dat Kid snaps his cane in half on his knee me.​
    The crowd gets ruckus once again. Kid springs off the ropes and does a barrel roll.
    I am officially 100% from an injury doctors said would end my career. Shows how much college education gets you, doesn't it? So I found myself at a crossroads at Summerslam, see because I had just received this news the night of Summerslam. However, as much as embarrassing the entire roster, I can do that in my current position as Commissioner of the IWT.​
    Seeing my prodigy lose to Parker and reaching up to shake her hand is when it hit me...or rather hit them. Why should I, the greatest wrestler in the history of the IWT, be subjected to choosing one or the other when I can have BOTH...​
    So I came into that ring and I kicked Shadow in an area I didn't think he had, then I hurt Victoria Parker like she never had been hurt before. And you think you people would be one your knees, but instead like the animals you are, you throw food at me!​
    You support the people who put on a main event that was upstaged by the undercard! It's not your fault though, it's Victoria Parker's fault! She's been this stale, underwhelming, and quite frankly undeserving champion. Don't boo me you idiots, you all fell for her lame schtick.​
    Dat Kid skips around the ring
    "Oh look it me, I have a vagina, but I'm equal just like everyone else". ​
    Dat Kid stops and looks directly at the camera
    Big fucking deal. You're a woman, we got that already. You say it so god damn much I'm beginning to have my doubts. You came here and proved that you can sometimes get lucky against some of the talent here, big whoop. Then when it came to facing a REAL MAN, you got a cane broke across your head and you were left MOTIONLESS in the middle of that ring.​
    You ain't equal to me, hell you're not even equal to me when I'm injured. You know what you are? You're exactly what you claim NOT to be. You are weak willed, coat tail riding woman, who'd naivety rivals that of a certain girl from a terrible vampire movie for preteens.​
    I could just strip you of the title right now, but I want to prove to the world that you are weak and everything you've said since the moment that you've walked in here has been nothing but a facade. So at Night of Champion, you cake your face up real nice with that makeup, you get your hair "did", and you take care of your vaginal odors because at Night of Champions I'm going to make you feel like a woman.​
    ...a weak, talentless, pathetic, bitch of a woman and you can watch the MAN they call Kid put the IWT Championship Division back where it belongs.​
    Dat Kid places the mic on the ground and crushes it with his feet.

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    SWERVE! David Arquette wins :russo:
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  4. *Victoria walks out on stage with a mic in her hand and the IWT title around her waist. She stands there watching Dat Kid before she speaks.

    Well, it's nice to know that washed-up has-beens like yourself can just turn up and decide they want to wrestle again whenever they feel like it. On top of that, let's just forget about having to be somebody and having to perform at a high level to get a title shot.

    *Victoria pauses for a second and shows mock realization on her face before she continues to speak.

    Oh yeah that's right! I suppose someone like yourself can get away with this blatant disregard for other talent when you happen to be the IWT commissioner. You can throw your weight around and hope that no one notices what you're overcompensating for down below. Not to mention, if you aren't being a huge douchebag to everyone else, no one really notices you at all. I'm not even upset about the cane incident between us after my match at Summerslam. I knew you would shatter and do something desperate after your last hope withered in failure. It was only a matter of time before the desperate man that stands before me now would start to lose his grip on reality and start doing risky things. You run your mouth off all the time, and just like other times, you couldn't deliver on your promises. You no longer have Shadow and Airbourne and they didn't make you look like an evil genius, nor were they the crew around you that couldn't be stopped. You have nothing left but old memories from your wrestling career and now you're trying to rectify what's left of your name.

    But let's get one thing straight, sweetheart. I took this title away from you and it's been with me ever since. Especially with the shell of a man that you've become, there's no way you can compete with me. I've embarrassed you on countless occasions and I will enjoy doing so again. I've beaten you before for this title and I will do again.
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  5. OOC: I thought that you couldn't compete if you were in the GM role.
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  6. power went to dat head.
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  7. Cuz playin with my balls aint enough no mo. Tonight, you better give that pussy up, fo sho
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  10. TMI
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  11. Fulfilling your fantasies by modifying my posts eh? #WiscoLogic
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