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    Who would you like to be on the cover of the IWT Magazine for September?
    The person the most people suggest will get the cover, the 2nd most will get a radio interview later in the month.

    Aids was on the cover last month, so he can't be voted for again until December.
    Can't vote for yourself of course

    Ben Dover - 1
    Adam Aries - 1
    Senhor Perfect - 1
    Christian - 5
    The Cure - 1
    Gav The Chav - 3
  2. * cough *cough
  3. it can only be the best up and coming star in iwt gav the chav
  4. How do you come up with pictures? Or is it just "stated" that so and so is on the cover?

    In any case, I would like to see Ben Dover with some girls on the cover haha. I of course would love to be on the cover, but I am only on my 2nd match, soooooooooo..........
  5. I think Adam deserves to be the cover this month. Why? Because he has been working a lot here not making promos, but fighting and I appreciate that.
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  6. I personally guaranteed the gentleman Senhor Perfect would be on the cover. Who in the hell do you think you are asking these peasants who they want on the cover. Senhor is the man, and that is that. Now close this shit down.
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  7. :yay: Give this man a medal!
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  8. Christian or I riot.
  9. Christian fo sho.
  10. The Crusade of course.

    The cure should get this one
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  11. I don't think we should be supporting a man who let his pregnant wife die. :urm:
  12. :dafuq:
  13. She's a zombie now.
  14. Pretty sure you posted that after you lost to Dat Kid at ER.
  15. Did I? :lol1:
    Obviously for cheap pity, lol.
  16. Gavin "mother fucking" Chav.
  17. gav the chav gets my vote.
  18. I don't normally do this, but seeing The Cure on it would be nice.
  19. Not sure I will still be in IWT so I am picking the returning Christian.