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  1. * Jonathan has called all members of IWT into the ring whisk the and Senhor stand atop the ramp*

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Those DX hooligans had me tie up and you all watched while they put their disgusting hands on our illustrious leader!

    *crowd cheers*

    You see? You've all sunk as low as all of these slobs that watch us because they can't be us.

    *crowd boos*

    Now, love him or hate him, this man has run the best wrestling company in the world alone! With so many flaky gears coming in and out of the equation, only he has the motor running. Is there any of you out there with the least but of dignity and respect that will join me in taking out the trash at Survivor Series?

    This band of degenerates have invaded after not being able to cut it anywhere else. They're trying to force their way back in. Why should we stand for it?

    If you won't do it for Jonathan and you won't do it for me, do it for yourselves dammit!

    If we let them in, it's just more mouths to feed which means your piece of the pie shrinks. We all know money talks ladies and gents, so who out there will join me?

    *Senhor and Jonathan wait for a response*
  2. Slim Shady does

  3. Chrysalis made her way down the ramp with two figures in black following behind her. She entered the ring, the figures closely following behind as one of the handed her a microphone. "Watching such immaturity take place was horrible to view. I must say, I apologize that they threw you in garbage, even I myself think that is far due to wastes of many kind being contained inside...but enough with that. I do not like either of you, in fact I despise you nearly as much as everybody in the locker room in the back, but even myself would not want those childish fools being part of this company. If it means having to take sides with either of you, then I'm willing to take part in this match as being part of your team."
  4. Okay, so only a lady has enough balls to stand up? None of you other poor excuses for employees have anything to say?!?!?

  5. *The Alliance walks out on stage, Queen already in the ring has gained the attention of the rest of The Alliance*

    Interesting proposal you have there Senhor, As you see one of our members has already took up your offer. Senhor we have similar causes here and I have to say I agree with your words, DX want to come out here and run a muck and leave this place is ruins, I want to end this place more than anyone and you think I am going to let someone else do it before me? Bullshit. No one and I mean NO ONE will destroy this place but us. If I have to eliminate each and everyone of DX then hell be it, I will not lie down and ket them walk all over us and our goals. As much as I detest to work on Jonathan's side, I gladly accept your offer. Now I can't speak for @DK James and @Forrest but I am sure they will follow in my footsteps and DESTROY DX. You have 2 out of 4 Alliance members, We stand with you.​
  6. *Eerie flickering is heard around the arena as the lights go out. After seconds of anticipation, When You're Evil by Voltaire hits the arena and is received with a big popas he returns to the IWT arena once again, after his desultory absence, consequent to the dagger attacks to a number of officials and attempted dagger attack on Aids Johnson. He sports his typical rugged attire with his tag strap lying on his shoulder as he saunters down to the ring frantically in a contradicting, unusual manner. He wipes his feet before entering the ring and glaring at all men stood up in the ring. He yells at an official in a Steiner-esque demeanor: "GIVE ME THE FUCKING MIC!". He violently grabs the microphone off the official and commences to breath heavily into it. Shortly after, he begins to talk*

    My whereabouts over these past few weeks has been pestering a lot of IWT fans, but not to worry, all that will be explained in a later date. *Mix of cheers and boos*

    I am out here to give voice on this feud that has been been boiling out of control, and changing IWT's landscape drastically in the process, over the past fortnight or so, the whole Jonathan vs. DX scenario *cheers*. According to some marks on the internet, this is the most exciting moment in IWT history ...........of course, after The Cure's supremacy that dominated the summer of IWT. *Mix of cheers and boos* And to be honest, I think DX might have just slightly ripped us off a bit, don't ya think? Degenerates, outsiders, badasses....

    I'll tell you what my situation surrounding this whole topic is. I've been offered to join the Jonathan's team. And as much tempting as it was to be in the main event of one of the biggest PPV events of the year, I simply cannot partake in a match full of wannabes. I hate Jonathan, I hate Adam, I hate DX, I hate this entire feud that is undeservedly taking over IWT. I DESERVE BETTER!
    *Alias drops the mic*
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  7. Irrelevant opinion
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  8. The two things that irrelevant here are you and Adam.
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  9. Who are you again?
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  10. Aids's friend with benefits
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  11. Just as I suspected, no one of interest.
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  12. Herpes? :hmm:
  13. HIVS
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  14. :booker: Shucky ducky quack quack!
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  16. For once I like you for linking Scrubs.
  17. *Knight is on the Stage with Adam but he has his backed turned to everyone else. He begins to laugh as he turns around*
    "You really think I could care for some Delinquents? Jonathan has made my life here a living hell....I'm a Loyal man....I stayed here while many others fled to FSW....and what did I get? Nothing for 3 whole Months.....So, Answer me this.....Why should I Help you? Is there a reward at the end of this war or is my reward going to by last paycheck?"
    *Forrest Walks down from the ramp, walking away from Adam.*
    "Perfect, Jonathan....I say you have a lot of guts....You come out here at the risk of getting beaten up....and ask for a army to be raised in this very ring.....but my next question is....How will you command this army? Unlike you, Jonathon, There a many members of the roster who have more respect for others then you.....I For one think that....Chrysalis should the leader of this army.....because, unlike you Jonathan, She can control her men.....You....Obviously can't if DX has risen against you. It'll take a lot to convince me to side with you as leader......I would only follow a Man or lady, in the dear madame's case here, if they can control an army and not let them do what ever they want.....So, My Final Question is.....Who shall Lead this Army? It's up to you, to decide, @Jonathan and @Senhor Perfect."
    *Knight walks out side the ring, pulling up a chair and sitting down on it after speaking.*
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  18. Oh Knight Knight Knight... what in the hell made you think that you would be relevant... you want to know why you got nothing for 3 months? Because you fucking suck. Who in the right mind would let you make the decisions about the leader of my army? Get outta here, punk!
  19. I never had an issue with sloppy seconds. He dropped you like the sack of shit you are. Aids Cena, you only appeal to young boys and vice versa, if you don't have anything to say regarding this issue go back under the Rock you've been drinking under.
  20. Ol broken record Aids.


    You're as stale as Ryan Braun's innocence pleas.
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