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  1. In a dark room somewhere deep in the bowels of the IWT arena a dark silhouette of Trip in the Head's face from a side view is shown. His words are very somber as he starts.

    Why....why do I continue? Time after time, show after show. I fail. The high points of my career include winning a co-op championship and beating one guy no one thought I could - with a lot of luck. So what I should do? Re-invent myself? Go through some other change?

    Trip turns quickly towards the camera and his facial features are now visible.

    No. I am Trip in the Head. And The Order of Night is who I am. And like the night I will return again and again. Because I love, no I live this business. I bleed it, as I have on numerous occasions. To turn away would be to turn away from myself and that simply cannot be done. So as the dawn of IWT rises and chases away the night, so have I been beaten back by my opponent yet again. But I do not stray or grow weary. I refuse.

    Trip turns from the camera and says....

    I hunger for more instead.

    He walks down a dark hallway towards a dark open doorway at the far end. Eventually disappearing into the darkness.
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