Storyline Who I'll be facing at Wrestlemania 2

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  1. The titantron lights up with Dat Kid stands with David in the interview area. Joey is off preparing for his Elimination Chamber match. Kid stares right into the camera while David holds the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Interviewer: Congratulations Dat Kid-

    Kid lowers the mic away from the interviewer while still facing the camera.


    Kid gently takes the mic from the interviewer, then looks at her, she moves away from them. Kid looks back at the camera.

    I hate to interrupt the PPV, but I am a man who works quickly. Doctors have just told me that I have re-injured my back from a previous incident involving Frank The Botch, so I won't be on IWT programming for a few days. Nevertheless, I have an announcement to make.

    The rules of the IWT clearly state that it is the champion's choice on who he will face, it's even underlined. The only way that's out of my hands is if Bruce Knight decides to face me at Wrestlemania...and that's not going to happen, so we'll get to that little hiccup when it's time.

    You see, no one gets to choose who I face at Wrestlemania, that's my decision. I don't care if you're in IWT Creative or you just got lucky at The Royal Rumble because some idiot decided it'd be a good idea to let people "pick" their numbers.

    I hold a 2-0 record at Wrestlemania, winning 2 championships in one night, and defeating both the World Heavyweight Champion and IWT Champion in a tag match. Then Frank The Jock and Jacob Colton in a Triple Threat. It's funny how that came fool circle, but I'm not here to reminisce about the past, I'll save that for Aids Johnson.

    This year I choose my opponent and for some reason it would seem easier to tell you who I'm not facing. Jwab, Victoria Parker, Alias Antonio, Chris Kaizer. Aids Johnson, Marcus Anthony, Frank The Jock, Jacob Colton, Senhor Perfect, Christian, Incognito, Britanica, B.Dazzle, Gav The Chav, Reagan Cole, Edward Coleman, Sir Lee, The Roadster, Dexx Duggan, Mike Boston, Anonymous, Dolph's Ziggler, Johnny B. Cool, Micheal Alexander, Aiden Ryan, Nero Kousaki, Billy Bob Whitney Jr, Frie, Danny Cortez, Trip, Bruce Knight, Lucas Hacksaw, Mr. Sackfist, Spinz, Andrew Evans, Rodrigo, Farooq, Seabs, Nick, & certainly not Unknown. Quite Frankly, none of you even come close to the level this man performs at.

    OOC: and they said i couldn't bury the entire roster in one promo

    You see, there is only one man who can give me the match I want. There is only one man who can legitimize me as the greatest performer in the history of the IWT.

    @Mystical George ...

    This is now the 2nd time I am issuing a challenge to you and I don't know what dark crevasse of the world you're hiding in, but if I have to call you again I will drag by the throat and make you fight me. Not since Frank The Jock in 2012 has an a competitor avoided me with such cowardliness, but now I have a little shiny thing to bait you with. You like shiny things don't you George? Hell, the entire roster spends their lives chasing after shiny things.

    What I'm after is not some ovation from the crowd, or performing last on the card, or even holding on to the World Heavyweight Trinket. What I want can't be measured with a leather strap with gold. I will etch my name into immortality, using your blood as the instrument in which my name will be written to become synonymous with glory.

    The rules state that I can have a championship match, whenever I want with whoever I want and it only has to be defended once a month. If you don't understand what I'm getting at, I'll say it bluntly.

    If I am not facing George at Wrestlemania 2, the World Heavyweight Championship will not be defended at Wrestlemania, point blank. I'll take some asinine ingrate from the locker room like Jacob Colton, Unknown, or even those beacon fuckers and I will give them the opportunity of a lifetime. The opportunity to be publicly executed as a precursor to Wrestlemania. Trust me I can do it and I'm not breaking any rules in doing so, trust me I looked.

    So IWT Creative, Jonathan, Mr. Smith, and most importantly George. The dominos (OOC: not the pizza Jono) have been set and I just pushed the first one. The Road to Wrestlemania starts here...

    The titantron cuts off
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  2. The World title hasn't been relevant since you handed it to me.:pity2:
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  3. Lol tag team division
  4. *The lights black out as a voice is heard echoing throughout the arena*

    "It seems like someone finally grew a pair since I last left. Dat Kid, give yourself a pat on the back because you're proving yourself to be a little more than what you were. Much like the interviewer I'll give you congratulations where they're due, you're no longer a little corporate bitch as far as I see you ... You're a man with a deathwish. I could go on and on, but what's the point in wasting my time now. You want an answer, I'll give you the one that you want ; Dat Kid vs. Mystical George at WrestleMania. We're getting one step closer to that beer, 'bud'."
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  5. This is going to draw well.
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  7. lmao.
  8. ^ -" It's funny how that came fool circle" - thats all I needed to hear :awyeah:
  9. You see what i did there
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  10. Nice recovery :pity2:
  11. There was nothing to recover from.
  12. *refers Dat Kid to his sig*
  13. no fair, i can't refer you to your sig cause that's the opposite of what you're doing in the chamber
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  14. Damn it stawp trying to bury me! :bury:
  15. Stop giving me shovels
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    Thats all you get from me. Good luck
  17. Dat kid always stealing the thunder.
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  18. I know right? :dafuq:
  19. I'd say you're my like his brother really. And that speaks for itself :bury: